The Daily Post – Photo Challenge: Spring!

Inside the playground

What does spring mean to me?  Warm sun … perfume scented air and children in the parks.  No more coats, at last, the sun is warm again…and of course the ducks and birds in general are all ready for the maiting game!

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge was asking…what’s spring to you….this is my first answer!

2 thoughts on “The Daily Post – Photo Challenge: Spring!

  1. We’re finally getting spring weather here, too, Georgia, although not yet warm enough most of the time not to wear a jacket or something rather warm. But it’s green and things are beginning to bloom.


    • Hi Janet, here in Trentino we still usually have to wear a jacket o dress warm. The rest of Italy is warmer than here…but as you say everything is blooming…including the cottonwood, which has filled the air with seed pods…looks like it’s snowing!


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