Cee’s Photo Challenge: Flight

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This week Cee’s asking for flight.  Over the last three weeks as I went daily to Trento’s Santa Chiara Hospital, I had the opportunity to see a lot of mercy flights come in.

Trentino-Alto Adige being a mountainous region sometimes means it’s not easy to get an emergency case to the hospital in the conventional way.  Over the years, our region has decided to buy several helicopters to get to those people who need urgent care, whether because of an accident (and in the mountains there are not a few during the vacation season) or other “mundane” problems like a heart attack.  Oh, and it won’t cost you a fortune if you ever need this particular sort of assistance … it’s paid in full by the Region.

Go and have a look at Cee’s Photo Prompts…she’s got a lot on her plate ant lots of photographic tips as wall as prompts galore!

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