Monochrome Monday – A Haiga – April 18, 2016

lake dawn haiga


as the lake awakens
in silence – dawn

© G.s.k.  ‘16

Carpe Diem #957 lake

the spring lake
rising up to sit
on the bench

the lake ear listening
to us

© Jane Reichhold


Bastet’s Haiga Monday Challenge – A Spring Morning – April 11, 2016


Good morning!

As I mentioned on my former post, yesterday I went walking with the city of Arco.  This is a yearly event.  For a chosen charity each year people gather together to either walk (a five and a half kilometre itinerary) or run (a twelve kilometre itinerary) together.  Here are a couple of photos of the event.

And now for today’s prompt:

A Spring Morning


And here’s my example:

turtle haiga


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Monochrome Monday – (Haiga and Tanka) – April 11, 2016

Dream Haiga


moonlight dreaming
as crickets sing for lovers
hidden gazebo
on this balmy spring morning
creating illusions

© G.s.k. ‘16

Yesterday I went for a walk with the city of Arco … one of our stop overs was at the Arch-Duke of Austria’s historical botanical garden (for which I did a Sunday walk in 2013).  This morning one of the photos reminded me of moonlight …  so  with a little magic of imagination and an app … my haiga was done.  My next post will be this week’s Monday Haiga Event … hope to see your there!

Carpe Diem #950 dreams – this month Carpe Diem Haiku Kai will be prompting for a daily haiga for those who enjoy this type of work, a great opportunity!

NaPoWriMo: Day 11

Sabi is a Chaise Longue – Haiga/Haibun – March 28, 2016

What is “sabi”?   Something old, past, demode … something that’s somehow a faded memory like the old plastic chaise longue in the haiga above,  that in its heyday was an object that made someone happy or proud to own it.  I can almost feel the sensation that must have accompanied that first vision of the object … the elation.  Now, so many years have passed.  The chaise longue sits in my son’s garden in Padua, slowly losing it’s lustre as it weathers.  No one remembers who bought it .. the house has changed had many many times over the years as one group of student substitutes another, no one even uses it except the cat. That to me is one meaning of “sabi”.

chaise longue
memories of summer’s days
long forgotten
© G.s.k. ‘16
Well, that is one of the aspects in my opinion of “sabi”.  What does the Encyclopedia Britannica have to say?


  • place in Japanese culture

    Japan: Aesthetics
    …related are the twin ideals of cultivated simplicity and poverty (wabi) and of the celebration of that which is old and faded (sabi). Underlying all three is the notion of life’s transitory and evanescent nature, which is linked to Buddhist thought (particularly Zen) but can be traced to the earliest examples of…
  • poetry of Bashō

    • Bashō
      One term frequently used to describe Bashō’s poetry is sabi, which means the love of the old, the faded, and the unobtrusive, a quality found in the verse

      Scent of chrysanthemums . . .

      And in Nara

      All the ancient Buddhas.

    • relation to tea ceremony

      Sen Rikyū
      …who founded the Japanese tea ceremony. He firmly established the concepts ofwabi (deliberate simplicity in daily living) and sabi (appreciation of the old and faded) as its aesthetic ideals. During his time the teahouse became smaller (from Shukō’s 4 1/2-mat room to a…

One Month of Haiga – Haiga 29 – February 29, 2016


Today ends my birthday tour de force!  It has been a more difficult task than I’d imagined due to some external factors, but it’s had its rewards with the challenges.

Today I’ve chosen one of my favourite spots in Riva del Garda near the port and the ancient fortress that used to protect the town from invaders. The plaza is the home of several linden trees, it was also a favourite spot of my husband’s.  He called it the cathedral.

Today’s theme is:

a favourite spot

And here is today’s haiga:

Haiga 29

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Have a great day … and I hope I will be seeing you on future haiga adventures!  Ciao,  Georgia.


The Linden or Tiglio



One Month of Haiga and NaHaiWriMo – Zydeco – February 28, 2016


This morning I was finally able to connect to the internet with no problems (let’s hope that lasts!) even though it’s raining like judgement day!

I went over to see what the prompt for NaHaiWriMo was today and found zydeco.  “Uhm …” I said “what is zydeco?” so I looked it up and found out that it’s a form of “folk” music developed in rural south Louisiana, and I was fascinated by it’s history.  So I decided to mix the daily NaHaiWriMo prompt with my haiga … though my personal theme is:


based on the photo I chose for today.  It’s one of Bolognano’s major streets:

Haiga 28

zydeco …
even the blackbird listens
fiddled creole blues

© G.s.k. ‘16

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Have a great day today!  Ciao, Bastet!