The Daily Post Photo Challenge – Curve – June 23, 2016

Farms with curves 3

A silos complex near Champagne, Illinois.

After a week in the United States we went up to Champagne, Illinois.  I wanted to see the area I was born and my family had business in that city so off we went.  Along the way we were greeted by miles and miles of farm-land.  The above silos complex was only one of several that I saw – and was able to snap from a moving car!



Farms with curves 2

A storm brewing over a farm near Nashville, Illinois.

I often found myself in a car riding through the vast country-side of “Little Egypt”, a vast area between two rivers in Southern Illinois.  If you like I feel a little perplexed by the appellation thinking that the land between two rivers was Mesopotamia, so Little Babylon might be more appropriate, you would probably get the same reply from the people of the region as I did … a laconic: “Little Egypt” and that’s all she wrote.


I thought I’d pop these off for this week’s Photo Challenge hosted by Daily Prompts … dedicated to “Curves”. Just click the red link to find more photos dedicated to curves!


Minimalist Challenge – The Daily Post – November 10, 2014



This photograph is the big brother of another I took not long ago for a haiku I wrote (HERE) entitled Old Orchid Blossoms.  I took the photograph then processed it creating a black and white photo with just one dab of color, symbolizing the vitality that can be found even in  an old orchid that’s withering away.


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Relic – July 13, 2014

For this week’s DP Photo Challenge, we’re looking for relics!  You’ve all seen my photos from time to time of Arco’s Castle.  It protected the village for centuries – until around the late 16oos when during one of the many upheavals between the Spanish, Austrians and French … it was bombarded by cannon fire and destroyed (by a French general).




We’ll be seeing a little more of Arco’s Castle in the near future …

Ciao, Bastet!

D.P. Weekly Photo Challenge – More Contrast – June 30, 2014


a touch of winter
an elegant addition
a romantic lunch

Once again for Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

We may be in the summer, as you can tell by how the people are dressed, but his sidewalk restaurant have their heating unit!  I did enjoy the lively flame and decided to render the rest of the photo in black and white in contrast to the gay orange flames!

Ciao from Malcesine (VR) Italy, Bastet