Bastet and Photography

I’m of course not Bastet, but I write and blog in her name.  I began blogging on the second day of January.  One of my friends asked me for an article about Mali, which at that moment was going through some pretty bad times.

I thought I’d just more or less write about my experiences in life, something that I could leave my children and grandchildren when I proceeded my voyages beyond our time and space.

I  discovered I could write poems, short stories and fell in love with photography!  So from challenge to challenge, I began to grow as a photographer.  Oh, I’m not a pro and never will be, I’m as the Italians would say an appassionata  I’ve linked the various meanings for the word, and you can choose whichever you like!

I now also have a feature  with We Drink Because We’re Poets which comes out three times a week with the parent name “Bastet’s Pixelventures”!  I write a Tuesday prompt post, then do a post called “Pixelventures’ Photo Finish” which I use to present the results of the week’s participation and on Saturday I write “Pixelventures’ Close-up”,  where I write about photographers and photography.

I love getting  interesting shots of the area I live in, which is Trentino-Alto Adige, in Italy on the Austrian and Swiss border and specifically in a small village called Bolognano of Arco.  I also love to experiment with apps to take reality out of my photographs like this one:


or maybe this:


Although I do like some of the more traditional shots too, like this:



So where will I go from here?

Couldn’t say, but we’ll soon find out!

Oh, by the way, my name is Georgia S. Koch and I’m 61 years old here’s a picture of me taken with my web cam!


I also blog on The13th Floor Paradigm, with 12 other poets and which like me, is a work in progress!

Hope you find something interesting here, and don’t hesitate to comment…it’s one of those things that really brings spice into blogging!

Ciao!  Bastet!

4 thoughts on “Bastet and Photography

  1. Hi Georgia,
    Thanks forstopping by today. I have only just been experimenting with some effects this week. In the past I have preferred WYSIWYG photos. Still prefer that to a degree..but it seems to be a losing battle as many I have encountered use post production to enhance.

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