A Sunday Walk: Lecce (Italy)

This will be a short walk this morning…we were going around Puglia a bit back and we drove into Lecce.  I’d been there years before, and the area I’d visited was actually on the outskirts of town, so I never got to see the main square (Piazza St. Oronzo).  Here we’ll walk around the center of town.

We left Putignano in the province of Bari…behind a boat!

The Boat

We parked and then went walking into the center of town…Piazza St. Oronzo…there was a lot of renovation going on, but even the places they were renovating took on an original look (even if a bit commercial) with their drapes hiding the work underneath!  We also go a great look at the amphitheater, which is just off-center of the square.

Piazza S. OronzoPiazza St. Oronzo diff. ViewAmphitheaterAmphitheater detailAmphitheater - a showThere’s actually quite a few cafès in the square and even…alas…a McDonald’s!  We had a little breakfast, than just roamed around the nearest alleys:

AlleyWalkingThe ChurchThese last two photos are always from the back alley…one is an entrance…to a church (if I remember correctly) under renovation (I cut out the construction site) and a plant:

EntranceThe Plant

Hoped you like our walk!  Have a nice Sunday.

Photography: Fire = Summer!

We Drink Photo Challenge this week is dedicated to Fire!

Fire and summer according to the idea of the elements in the Taoist world are tied together!  So, I’ll show you some fire..well actually people enjoying the summer:

The next three photos were taken from a cell-phone and the elaborated with Picasa 3!  We were at the pool in Arco…

Here are a couple of my older son playing with his eldest!

The pool Prabi-ArcoPrabi-Arco PoolWe try to get to the sea each summer… here we were in Puglia…who knows what they were talking about!

The SeaAnd what do our tourists do in summer? Nordic Walking, cycling, wind surfing and sailing…

Nordic Walkingbikesport parkingthe port

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Photography: My oldest companions

This Week’s Photo Challenge from the Daily Post people is interesting:

Companion. Yours may not be covered in fur like mine (AKA Chester J. Lampwick) but you have one — or more.

You might think “companion” refers to a person with whom you share experiences, but the definition is much broader:

  • Aperson who is frequently in the company of, associates with, or accompanies another.
  • A mate or match for something.
  • A handbook or guide.
  • A member of the lowest rank in an order of knighthood.

My companions since I can remember have been, books!  Oh, I’ve had pets and am surrounded by loving friends and family…but I’m also surrounded by my oldest friends!

booksBooks and BuddahYes, More BooksI even have books on the windowsill!

Window!Not all the books around my house are mine..some come from the library!

Library BooksAnd Bastet is surrounded by books too!

Bastet and BooksTo conclude, here are a few old companions:

Old Companions

Thanks for viewing and have a great day!

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Free Verse: Embracing – The Dance


Summer sun shone brightly

that day upon the couple:

he in his green livery

was so handsome and bold

that she blushed to see him riding near

upon the whispering wind.

Nearer came he to her

and asked her for a dance

and as the bees and birds sang

they embraced at last!

She entwined her loving arms about him

he guided her straight and true

and thus as they embraced

they danced the whole day through.

At last the sun hid

his happy face,

the bees and birds were quiet

yet the couple danced

for yet awhile

under the loving moon.


These lovely photographs are from today’s post by Jerry at Keeping My Eye On The Sparrow and also here.

Bastet’s Progress and Photography

It’s not necessary that every day be bright and sunny…



It’s important to live that day!

So…this is a facsimile of my first posted “poem” with photo!  Not surprising it got 1 vote and that from my wonderful son…it was posted on the 26th of January.  Shivers run down my spine when I look at it, and that’s not from pleasure!  In fact I rendered it private and you now see it only because I would like to show you what I would do with the same material now!

 Polignano_2It’s not necessary

that every day

be bright and sunny…

to live that day


ah, to me this is important!

Ok…the poem still isn’t much but the photo is 100% better! Continue reading

We Drink Photo Challenge: Coffee

Well…a characteristic of fire is a bitter taste…so, here’s coffee for you!

Last summer I with my family went to Athens, Georgia U.S.A.  We went to visit a place called “Jittery Joes”  where they import, blend, roast and if you want them to they’ll grind coffee from all over the world!  (Oh and you can drink it there…they even had an espresso machine that made a mighty fine Italian espresso!)

CoffeeCoffee BeansRoasterNow that my friends is a mighty big roaster!  What we have next is a grinder!

GrinderHere I let the people stay so we could see just how big that grinder is:

Coffee GrinderThe following picture has nothing to do with coffee except that it was taken at Jittery Joes…there were some pretty neat things lying around and these I liked very much!

Stumps and bicycle

This post was created for We Drink Photo Challenge!

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W.P. Photo Challenge – Through My Eyes – Road Trip

World Through My Eyes: Weekly Photo Challenge:

A road is one thing in the United States but something quite different in Italy!  If you go to Trentino, you’ll find the roads outside of the turnpike are two lanes and some of the mountain roads are a lane and a half!  But then our cars are usually smaller than what the American’s drive.

On Sunday we went to visit with a friend of ours in the country.  He grows among other things cherries.

We left Arco going towards Trento and we found ourselves behind a beautiful Ferrari driven by a German tourist!FerrariThe scenery is beautiful…HillsideBikersWe got near our friends “plantation” and thought we’d just drive on in!

into the woodsThese dirt roads have suffered a lot due to all the rain we’ve had over the last few months and with tractors that use them…I’ll just let you imagine what we came up against…I’ll just say we heard some very vicious banging sounds from under the car!

bad roadsdirt roadIn the woodsAfter the hurley-burley ride…we finally got to where the cherries grow…our brave little red Panda survived the trip…but we decided that the next time, we’ll walk in or use a tractor!

PandaCherriesHave a great day everybody!

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