Weekly Photo Challenge – Threes – Third Round

Here I am again, with still another post about Trento for the Weekly Photo Challenge – Threes.

Today, I’m just going to show you one photo…cropped to create three:

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looking close to hand
we forget to see details
children in the square

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Threes – Second Round

Here I am again, with another post about Trento for the Weekly Photo Challenge – Threes.  This time we’ll be going to the main Plazza of the city: Piazza del Duomo. I’m not going to show you the church though.   It is huge and beautiful, but I wanted to show you something different.

Here is Caffè Italia.  Entering the Plaza it’s one of the buildings that creates the Plazza itself.  The affrescos are beautiful and the coffee isn’t bad either:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Trento is a University town, like Padua, but not quite as old.  As you can see, it was a sunny day and there were a lot of people, by Trento’s standards in Piazza Duomo.

This is Hotel Venezia which is just across the street from Caffè Italia and if you keep walking you’ll come upon one of the oldest drug stores of Trento:


Outside of the Duomo, the most interesting thing we’ll see is Neptune’s Fountain.  It’s huge and everyone sooner or later likes to sit back and enjoy the sunshine:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABehind it is of course…Hotel Venezia and Caffè Italia!

Hope you enjoyed visiting the Piazza!

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Spring Omens – for Pixelventures

I’ve decided to put up a photographic post for Pixelventures…I had a great day yesterday in Trento with all the sun-shine and warmth…in Piazza Fiera, which is the market square of Trento, I went with my friend to a flower stall!


baskets full of daffodils

bulbs ready to flower

and though

I know

rain will soon return

winter’s not yet over,

good omens of spring

fill the stall

with bright colors

and perfume!

Posted for Pixelventures!

Weekly PhotoChallenge – Threes

I’ve been out and about these last few days and one of my “pilgrimadges” took me to Trento.  These are photographs from “Piazza Fiera” just outside the walls of Trento.  This is where open market is usually held throughout the year.  Yesterday we found the square being readied for Carnevale!  So for the Weekly Photo Challenge – Threes, Piazza Fiera:

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Hope you enjoyed…there are already very very many other threes to look at, and some are really fantastic, so drop by and have a look!

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Black and White

Today, I feel like black and white…

And then there are days
when everything seems black and white
no shades of grey
maybe just a dab of color
everything so clear
no shadows
no doubts

Weekly Photo Challenge – Treasure


This week’s Photo Challenge is to show the things we treasure.I’ve many thing that I treasure, and many people as well as far as that goes.  But for now, I’ll show you some of my most treasured possessions…some my books…this is just a small portion of them from the main room of the house in fact!

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Thanks for dropping by…I’ll be back tomorrow to share with you another treasure!  In the meantime, there are many others in the blogging community who’ve posted some great photos!  Go have a look at the Pings below 😉

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Sunday Walk

Hello Everyone!

Today is not a day for a walk…again.  However, during the week we did have a good day, and I took some photos as I walked along the first leg of the bike/pedestrian path that leads to Torbole, and then on to Riva del Garda.  The last 2 pictures are of Riva and were taken a couple of weeks ago during the break in the rain…

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The written version of this post can be found on Bastet and Sekhmet’s Library!

Have a great day!

Paragliders in the sky

Yesterday was the first day in about 2 weeks without  rain in the 24 hours.  So, I went out for a walk, as so did a lot of other people!  But what really caught my attention were two paragliders soaring high over Monte Velo, the mountain that sits behind my house.  Here we’re looking at them though from Arco, about 2 kilometers from where I live.

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so high
in the sky
are friends

following breezes
free from gravity
over mountains

gliding along
upstreams – down-winds – sunshine
heartbeat races