Editing Practice … Oil Painting with an App – April 28, 2016

sailboat original


One warm morning a few last week I went for a morning walk along the shore in Riva del Garda.  The wind was perfect for sailing.  This is one of several photos I took of one such sailboat leaving the small boats dock.


I cropped the photo in order to get more detail of the sailboat.  I liked how the light played on the leaves so I did a little tweaking to accentuate the colours created by the morning light off the leaves.



I really thought that the photo wasn’t anything particularly exciting … so I decided to “oil paint” it.

Modern Sailboat

Here’s the last tweak I did of  the photo …   I wouldn’t call it art … but it was fun 🙂  Ciao, Bastet!

Playing in the Trash – Playing with Apps – February 21, 2016

Last evening I went for a walk as the sun was setting.  I got some really splendid photos but I also got quite a few duds  as my camera isn’t quite up to good evening and night shots.

This is one of the photos I took. It is actually the contents of s dumpster full of leaves, both inside and outside of plastic bags:





Not really much of a photograph, so I decided to find out what would happen when I tweaked it with Picasa.

Quirky dust bin

Quirky dust bin

Well … that certainly gave me a new perspective on the photo, but in reality though very colourful, it was more or less a blurry mass.  So I decided to play with PicMonkey.  They have some lovely effects.  The ones I played with were, “Posterize”, “Draw”, “Metal” and “Burst”:

Dust Bin Gone Crazy

Dust Bin Gone Crazy

Wow … who ever thought one could get so much out of a dumpster full of dead leaves! And what would happen if I added a little “Space”?

SpaceDust Bin Gone Crazy

Space Dust Bin Gone Crazy

Ciao, Bastet!


The Edit – One Word Photo Challenge – April 10, 2015

This is this week’s black and white Wordless Wednesday:


It’s a large iron and glass affair that I saw in front of a restaurant in Murano – the canal is seen in the reflection … inside a dinner table waits for a client.

One of my readers asked me to do a walk through with the editing.

I used Picasa 3 but most of the apps in Picasa 3 can be found on just about any editing program.

Here is the original:


After fixing the colour adding some highlights/fill lights to bring out the lantern –  I then decided to crop and straighten it:


I then added a little shadowing and ‘warmified’ it – in other words added flesh tones, which brought the lantern out nicely … but I wasn’t pleased with the general colouring so I saturated and contrasted a bit:


At this point – the colours were emphasized enough to try to go black and white – so I used the filtered black and white app filtering out some of the red – added a drop shadow frame and signed the finished work!

Here’s the same photo after using a mock HDR app and adding a pinkish tint to the b&w photo:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And with this last edit, I’m linking the post to One Word Photo Challenge for this week’s colour – copper

One Four Challenge – Week 2 – November 10, 2014

Today I’m taking a photograph that I entered yesterday for week one of the One Four Challenge  to another stage of the editing …



I’ve cropped the original photograph here … then shadowed it a little more, “warmified” the photo adding the soft golden tones used to accent skin-tone -, used a HDR app and then softened the photo… I was looking for a brooding image, something that I could use for example in a poem about dawn or maybe about a storm coming on … then to complete the photo I added a drop shadow “frame”.

Here are the original and the first process:

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Photo Experiments…December 12th 2013

I like to fool around with photographs when I’ve a little spare time…and even when I don’t 😉 …here was an experiment that I did yesterday with a phoneograph.  It was getting dark, but I decided to give it the old college try.  What came out, after just adding a little high light and fill light was this photo that reminded me more of a drawing:

Ciclamino all'imbrunire

Ciclamino all’imbrunire

Have a great day…and lots of fun.  Here in Trentino, the children are geting ready for Santa Lucia…she rides on a donkey and distribute gifts…but for that part of the story, let me send you over to Bastet’s and Sekhmet’s Library!  Ciao!