Painting the Town Red! October 20, 2013

Another Sunday…already.  This photograph was taken during the week upon entering Arco from the river.  One of the more historical buildings is under rennovation and it was a cloudy day…here’s the results of a bit of red paint!

Red Arco

Red Arco

Have fun!  Be happy!

Ciao!  Bastet!

Sunday Painting the Town Red!

Hello World…this is my fist official Painting the Town Red on this blog!  Since Bastet and Sekhmet didn’t pos one last week, I thought I’d offer you two!  These are just simple ones, I’ll work out something more interesting for next week  😉

Red Tower Collage

This is a small church dedicate to the “Alpini” soldiers who come from our mountain regions.  I’ve  made a collage with three versions of the photograph to get this effect adding a “cross process” to “pixelize” ithe results a bit.


I use this photograph as my header:  I rendered it into black and white then “warmified” bringing out the reddish skin tone several times, then I “saturated” it!

Have a great Sunday everyone, and paint your town red today!

Sunday Painting the Town Red: 25 August 2013

I was thinking I wouldn’t get my Sunday in red done today, but then I saw this photo as I was listening to Peter Gabriel’s “Red Rain” et voilà.

The poem is not one of my happy poems though.  I imagine that if the Earth crys red rain it would reflect a deep and desparate passion.

Red Rain_4

Free Verse

Red Rain

Earth on fire
lost in her desire
to free herself
from pain,
the eternal nights
of fraternal fights,
her tears of despair
cannot cleanse herself
of the blood
that has been shed
in the name

This is the original photograph:

rain storm

rain storm

Sunday Painting the Town Red! Saint Louis Mo U.S.A.


Today to paint the town red, I chose St. Louis Missouri.  The photo was taken during my trip to visit my sister back in September of 2010.  I took the original and processed it 4 times collaging it three on a texture that Leanne Cole had donated to Public Domain Tectures a great new blog created by Joseph Thomas to allow photographers to use the great textures that are donated to his blog to creatie new extraordinary compositions!  I took Leanne’s texture and then tinted it red and made it the background for the original collage.

Here are the two original photos:

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Sunday morning game
creating red towns for play
Leanne and Joseph, thanks!

Have a great Sunday!

Sunday, Painting the Town Red! August 11, 2013

It’s Sunday…and I’m painting the town red!

Riva del Garda

colors yelling,
like the gulls
sitting on pylons
or screeching in the air…
a town
growing from a mountain
built onto the lake
sailboat’s mast a ready
I dream in
an oneiric adventure
red tinged with hue.

Have a great Sunday everybody!

Sunday: Painting the Town RED!

This is my third Painting the town Red…this time I polarized…inverted the colors, tinted and then started shaprening!  Here’s the results for you!

Painting the town red!

Painting the town red!

It’s Sunday Morning
I’m painting the town bright red
changing the usual:

seeing the town square dressed up
makes me want to dance and sing!

Have a great Sunday every one!