Bastet’s Haiga Monday Challenge – A Spring Morning – April 11, 2016


Good morning!

As I mentioned on my former post, yesterday I went walking with the city of Arco.  This is a yearly event.  For a chosen charity each year people gather together to either walk (a five and a half kilometre itinerary) or run (a twelve kilometre itinerary) together.  Here are a couple of photos of the event.

And now for today’s prompt:

A Spring Morning


And here’s my example:

turtle haiga


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Bastet’s Monday Haiga Challenge – April 4, 2016

cane haiga

It’s NaPoWriMo again and so I thought that today I’d write a haiga … and launch a new weekly challenge for those who’d like to participate.  Every Monday I will offer a prompt for my weekly haiga event.  Today the prompt is:


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Monochrome Monday – April 4, 2016

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Yesterday I took a bike trip to visit with a friend at her family’s  “agritour” in Dro, not far from Arco.  Unfortunately I got distracted and took only a couple of photographs, which is really a shame because there are many things to snap, including a delightful ginger cat named Heidi … but I plan to return soon!



Sunday Walk – March 9, 2014

The other day was a brilliant day of warmth and sunshine, so I decided to try to walk up to the Castle and to the Renghera…or the second tower:

The Castle from Arco

The Castle from Arco

Last year I showed you the walk up on another Sunday Walk last June.

As I got nearer the castle, I decided to take a break near a fountain and then do the last legs of the walk through the olive grove avoiding the paved path:

This took me pretty close to the approach:

Finally the Castle proper…I actually took oodles of photos, so here I have to decide which ones to show for today…not easy!  But we’ll start from the lawn and go up to the Renghera, which was where a large bell used to be housed, and was used to call people to  harvest or into the castle if an enemy was approaching.  The valley below the Renghera is named after our river, Sarca and it is known as the Lower Sarca vally

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Hope you enjoyed this bit of a walk up to the highest tower of Arco’s Castle!

Have a great Sunday, Bastet!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Perspective 2

Today for The Weekly Photo Challenge, I’m taking you back up to Arco’s Castle.

As I was walking up the steep climb to the second tower, which is also the most ancient, known as the Renghera, I luckily also came upon one of a many strategically placed benches.  This one is especially interesting because it has a reproduction of what the Castle looked like in the past, before Napolian’s troops destroyed the Castle in the 1800s.

As I was approaching it, I scared a poor squirrel who jumped across the path and down the hillside!  I couldn’t help but laugh…here are two shots of the bench and the map:


The map

The map


Have a nice Sunday everyone!

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Perspective

Spring has exploded here in Italy and in just two days of warmth, without rain, flowers are popping up everywhere…yesterday I went for a walk up to Arco’s castle (some of the photos will be material  for tomorrow’s Sunday Walk) and what a view!   So for my first attempt at getting things into perspective for the Weekly Photo Challenge let’s have a look at some prune trees in flower!

It’s all a matter of how you’re looking at the scene you’ve got in front of your camera!

springtime at last
rows of fruit flowers bloom
castle watches

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