One Month of Haiga – February 20, 2016

Hello …

Many years ago, for Easter,  my eldest  son brought three roses to the ladies present for Easter dinner.  They were blue!  I really liked the blue rose very much and so it has become a part of my memory … in a bitter-sweet fashion since not long afterwards he and his wife separated.  So now a happy memory has a sad tinge to it, which brings me to today’s theme:

An evolving memory

I want to reflect on how a memory or an action evolves and becomes part of our “history” in a pleasant but or an unpleasant way, like my blue rose;   born in a sweet romantic gesture,  now blue roses will forever mean separation for me:


Haiga 20



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One Month of Haiga – February 18, 2016

Hello World!!!

Does anyone remember why I decided to dedicate February as a month of haiga?  Because it’s the shortest month of the year? Nope – because it’s the month I was born?  Yes!!! And the day of February when I came into this plane of existence corresponds with today and the year was 1952.  So today I’m celebrating the luck of being a sunshiny Aquarius of 64!  My theme for today is:


The photograph I took the other day goes very well (after I tweaked it a bit) with the sensation of falling into life from a great distance that I wanted to convey.  In fact that’s a trick I did with an app that’s called “Focal Zoom” very handy to creatively blur the background of a photo like this:

Haiga 18

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The Aquarius Woman

The Year of the Dragon

A Month of Haiga – February 1, 2016

Hello!  Today I begin my month-long personal challenge of creating and publishing a haiga a day.  The theme I’ve chosen for today is:



Water is a vast subject.  In Far Eastern cultures, water is the very element of life.  It’s colour is black or dark blue, it’s season is winter, it’s emotion is fear – in the five element acupuncture theory, water is born from metal and gives birth to wood – it is controlled by earth and controls fire.  Actually there are so many symbols and thoughts about the elements that whole libraries have been written.  So today I’m just going to look at the one aspect of water – its life-giving aspect.  Our planet is made up of 70% water – as indeed are most of the planets living organisms, which is a fact the Chinese likely knew when they were learning how to cure themselves back in the lost millennium of the history.  I’ve chosen to write about the element of life – but the subject is open to any aspect of water … or about anything that inspires your muse!

February 1 - Haiga Water


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Interesting reading on water can be found here:

Five Element Acupuncture Theory and Clinical Applications

Water and Life on Earth

February Haiga Birthday Event! – January 31, 2016

Hello Folks!

I announced at the beginning January that I intended on celebrating my birthday by publishing a haiga a day inviting other’s who wish to do so to  celebrate with me by creating their own haiga and linking to my post.  Of course if you decide to participate, you needn’t feel obliged to post every day … that’s something I’m doing as a personal challenge.  I’ll probably be using my photographs for most of my haiga, but if someone paints or uses some other form of visual artwork and wished to use them as a base for a haiga, I think it would be lovely to see what you’ve done!

For the occasion I’ve created a badge!

Haiga Badge

Haiga Badge

I’ll be using the badge for the Mister Linky App.

I’ve thought about having a theme for each day … and I think that might be nice.  So the theme could work like a prompt.  I’ll be publishing my haiga here but with a link to Bastet and Sekhmet’s Library  which is my principal blog.  Until tomorrow then … I leave you with an intro haiga.

Intro Haiga for February


Ciao, Bastet!

Morning Reflections – June 25, 2014

I went out for a walk and an aperativo the other evening with my family.  We were waiting for our drinks to come and I liked how the shadows and light played on the glass coffee table so took some photos:

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Have a great day!  Bastet

DP Photo Challenge – Between – June 21, 2014

Today for the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge I’m going to show you some photos between … between what?  Well lets see!

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One morning in Riva del Garda … my favorite subjects were making a lot of racket that morning out near the “lido” as I went along the pathway, I was intriquesd by the pink marble that ran along the left of the path, in front of a short safety wall running along the moat of Riva’s fortress … at the end of the path, this flowered bush sat between the path divided.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Bastet