One Four Photo Challenge – Wk 2 – February 9, 2015

Last week I had a major problem with my Internet connection and couldn’t post for a couple of days … then of course there was all the problems of trying to catch up with posts and comments.  The up side is that I worked on my One Four Editing and tried some new (for me) tricks to create this week’s (and next week’s) edit!

Here was where I started out .. I wanted to have more of the tree in my next edit and although the important photo is still the rose, so I re-cropped and use the HDR app from Picasa 3:

Trial Hdr Rose

At this point, what I wanted to do was add a little something in that washes out too white sky. So I took out my stylus and began to out-line where I wanted to put in the sky using Artweaver 5, which came with my stylus and drawing board:

Trial Hdr RoseClouds

As you can see, not really a perfect job with the clouds … so I went back to Picasa and did a little warming up to see what would happen:

Trial Hdr RoseCloudsSat

I’d warmed and saturated the photo but alas … the rose got rather washed out … so I went to Artweaver and painted in the missing parts of the rose!

Week Two

Week Two

And there’s this week’s finished product!

Here’s the gallery so far:



31 thoughts on “One Four Photo Challenge – Wk 2 – February 9, 2015

    • Thanks I didn’t get the colors quite right, but I decided to be happy with it 🙂 and I too like the black and white with a spat of color in wk one! Thanks for the great comments Cybele!

  1. Ooh I really like this, Georgia! It has warmth, you’ve brought back some detail in the surrounding foliage without losing the focus on the rose, and the sky is a nice addition too. Great result!

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  3. I like that you filled in the sky as it needed to be done. The colour change with this image is interesting and feels warm and dare I say slightly more romantic ; like a memory seen through rose ( or warm) tinted glasses.

  4. It’s absolutely gorgeous — and it really has the feel of some of the vintage postcards I’ve been collecting — it has the feel of great turn-of-the-century ephemera — really quite stunning. Even if you weren’t happy with the colors, it seems perfect to me.

  5. Gee you did such a wonderful job with this Georgia. There is so much more life in the image now 😃😃 ..and I really like that you left the tree in – its very interesting. The rose still stands out and the harmonious hues all work together.

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