20 thoughts on “Silent Sunday Through the Eye of Bastet – February 8, 2015

  1. I love how you’ve warmed and softened the otherwise cold cobblestones — these are the same cobblestones as the “boot” photo, right?

    Really, I think this is one of your best – professional-quality.

      • Yes … I was finally able to load the page and wow … just wow! I did make a comment about the work looking like a Shashin no uta or photoku! 😉

      • This is a totally different feel from his norm, isn’t it? And it’s amazing!

        So glad you were able to see it finally. Phew!

      • I saw that working on the library computer .. and they are fast, efficient etc … when working with WP the computer has serious problems … that’s one heavy site! BTW … I sent you a reply to an e-mail but was informed that there might have been problems … give me a whistle if nothing comes up in a while ok?

      • Got the email! Responding now — figured I’d better confirm that it got through on this end. 😉

        WP is so script-heavy. And it seems that eBay has a notifications system that is very, very much like the notifications system at WP. And guess what? I’m having problems with THAT notifications system too. Same programmers or vendor, perhaps?

        Anyway. off to finish that email. 🙂

      • I think scrips are all from a basic code (Java maybe? I don’t remember) … which is open source if I’m not mistaken … I’m going for a walk .. the sun’s just come up and want to take some more photos!

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