PhotoKu – Bottles and lights – November 16, 2014

PhotoKu - November 16

reflections at night
cosmic red glare of lightning
abstracts  blue bottles

G.s.k. ’14

That’s my interpretation of the collage … but maybe you have another haiku in mind … I’m open for comments!

This post was created for Photoku Photo Challenge formerly Wordless Haiku from Ronovan Writes … the prompt comes out at noon every Monday … and it’s really a lot of fun!  So if you like processing and you want to do something different … have a go!


RonovanWrites Weekly #Photography #Haiku Challenge #18 Bottles&Light


14 thoughts on “PhotoKu – Bottles and lights – November 16, 2014

  1. Light through glass is always nice to see. I knew I could count on you to come up with something good. I guess I made it too difficult with the words this week. I’ll try something different for the next one. We’ll get more people in time.

    • I really like your original idea of photoku or wordless haiku however one calls it … bottles and light was a bit difficult … and if you try with a verb and a noun (or adjective) instead of two nouns … like walk and bridge? I’m sure we’ll get more people in time!

      • Thanks hope it helps … you do put your prompts up Tuesday right … was just chatting with Jen and she was worried that she was too late posting … she had a bad computer crash and said you put the new prompt up tomorrow!

      • I put the prompt up at noon on Mondays. But it’s out there for whenever anyone wants to see it. I just like for it to be in by noon on Sundays. All New York times. But I’m good with whatever happens. 🙂

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