B&W Photography- Tanka – April 7, 2015

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walking in the past
through the dark passageway
a bright garden
the island of Murano
hides unexpected secrets

© G.s.k. ‘15

Blur – The Daily Post

This photograph was taken at Murano (VE) in Italy – I first published it on Sunday as a Silent Sunday, but as the second photo is a deliciously blurred photo, creating an air of mystery I decided to add it to the Daily Post – Photo Challenge – dedicated to Paloma who had the idea.


Weekly Writing/Photo Challenge: Inside – Golden Years

The Weekly Photo challenge combined with the Weekly Writing challenge from Bastet’s Library!

Bastet and Sekhmet's Library

The Albums (Haibun)

Jason looked at the baby pictures in the album his mother’d left him.  There he was…a toddler, surrounded by toys.  Later on, laying in the grass, the old family cat asleep with him.  He’d loved that cat…Misca was its name.  Each photo a return to some far off age,  memories.  His first day at school, his first camping experience with the scouts, and there was the Christmas of ’60 when he got his first “typewriter”, a funny bit of flimsy metal with a dial to pick out the letters.

Years passed each special moment immortalized in a photo.  Each photo placed lovingly in a book for him by his mother, now gone, yet, looking at the albums she seemed so near.

At seventy he realized that many of the people and scenes in the photos were gone forever.  Misca didn’t survive his childhood, his best friend in…

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Skyline: Tourist in Your Own Town

Here’s a great month long prompt…be a tourist in your own town…presented by Canadian Travel Bugs!

Canadian Travel Bugs

I cannot believe it is March already and time for a new Tourist in Your Own Town theme. It is a dreary damp rainy day, so my original plan for the theme was put on hold. I could not bear treading out in the rain yet another day. Last week it rained here 3-4 days and this week we had 2 straight days of steady rain with a cloudy break for one day and then 2 more days of rain with a short break. Instead of getting soggy I looked through my photos and came up with these photos and a new theme.

Shanghai Skyline and fluffy clouds Shanghai Skyline and fluffy clouds

The theme for March is Sky. Show us the sky where you live. If you live in a big city, like I do in Shanghai, show us the skyline. If you live in a small town or out in the…

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