30 Days of Haiga – September 30, 2014

Today is the last day of Rick Daddario’s 30DOH challenge, which can be found at 19 Planets Art Blog!  It’s been great fun and now I hope to continue – experimenting with new techniques!

For today’s haiga … a meeting of friends:


walking this morning
your lovely eyes met mine
– namaste

(c) G.s.k. ’14


30 Days of Haiga – September 28, 2014

As I near the end of this challenge … I think how delightful it has been to put together haiku and photography in this gratifying manner … it’s really been a lot of fun!  Thanks once again to Rick of 19 Planets Art Blog for this great yearly challenge … my second!  Here’s today’s 30DOH:


an instant
echo of sunshine –

(c) G.s.k. ’14


Photography and a Surprise!

Today I’m not in form as the British would say and so I’m blocked.  But the nice thing about having different means of expression is that if you can’t write, well, you can play with your stones or in this case your photographs.

So I was processing a rather mediocre photograph trying to find something for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

The Original

This is a shot from inside the Fortress of Riva del Garda.  The light is too bright and there is just nothing I can do with Picasa to render this photograph acceptable.  My efforts were concentrated on trying to get a result, and I didn’t really look closely at the photograph beyond it’s brightness.  In frustration I decided to invert the colors, just for the hell of it, as they say.  This was the pleasant surprise I got!




life offers humor
when I really need a laugh
a hidden protest
found in my bland photograph
makes me smile:  thanks anarchy!

Pixelventures: Doors and Passages

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Doors and Passages

Hawkers sell their wares
as we walk along the road,
be this or that, forget your cares
and don’t be just a toad!

Bright illusions are for sale
all along our dreary path
conformity does there hale
to save us from our wrath!

Be a cyclist!
Be a star!
Be a climber!
Be an artist!

Then there are the open doors
With only some dark promise
could it be a place of whores
or maybe there’s a goddess!

Passages just passages
doors open upon illusions
each day a call from Lorelei
pulls people upto the rocks

and if…
for just a moment…
I contemplate unknown choices
passages not clearly mapped

dare I enter?

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Pixelventures and a Palindrome: Water


Reflecting on Aloneness in Water

…Water is life
i am alone
reflections in seclusion
illusions of company, illusions of aloneness
dreams in infinite, uniqueness, vastness that is life…
@)–>–>–   –>–>–(@
…life is that vastness, uniqueness, infinite in dreams
aloneness of illusions, company of illusions
seclusion in reflections
alone am i
Life is water…

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