The Daily Post Photo Challenge – Curve – June 23, 2016

Farms with curves 3

A silos complex near Champagne, Illinois.

After a week in the United States we went up to Champagne, Illinois.  I wanted to see the area I was born and my family had business in that city so off we went.  Along the way we were greeted by miles and miles of farm-land.  The above silos complex was only one of several that I saw – and was able to snap from a moving car!



Farms with curves 2

A storm brewing over a farm near Nashville, Illinois.

I often found myself in a car riding through the vast country-side of “Little Egypt”, a vast area between two rivers in Southern Illinois.  If you like I feel a little perplexed by the appellation thinking that the land between two rivers was Mesopotamia, so Little Babylon might be more appropriate, you would probably get the same reply from the people of the region as I did … a laconic: “Little Egypt” and that’s all she wrote.


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One Four Challenge – Wk 4 – December 22, 2014

This is the fourth entry to the One Four Challenge and I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with the photograph.  Last week many people decided to try to render their photo into a drawing or painting, and I thought that might be a good idea so I downloaded the program that so many were talking about:  FotoSketcher … both in the portable form as well in the installation form … gave it a whirl.

First of all I cropped the photograph and then I tried the various filters .. I did like the pencil sketch pretty much, but I wanted a painting … so I saved it then ran the saved copy through the app again … this was the result:


art trial_2r_small

I then saved this … went to Pixlr and PicMonkey to do the finishing touches … a little antiquing  and then a picture frame and of course the signing of the photograph.  This is the last effort:

Wk 4

Wk 4

at the gallery
impressions of decadence
an old boat

© G.s.k. ‘14


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One Four Photo Challenge Wk 1 – December 1, 2014-

Today I begin a new series of processing a photo … and posting each week the results of the photographic experiment.  This is a photograph that I took at Padova (Padua in English) one of the most famous University cities of the world …


Original Photo


Here’s the original … just out of the river, awaiting repairs perhaps …

I took the original and processed it with Pixlr, sharpening the focus and intensifying the colors then I decided to grunge it up a bit, I’m not very familiar with this app so I saved the results and then worked a little on the results with Picasa 3 … this is my “antiqued” result:

boatpilxr_ antiqued

Photo One

Looking at the results I think I can see a story hidden here …

Have a great week!  Ciao Bastet.


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One Four Challenge – Week 2 – November 10, 2014

Today I’m taking a photograph that I entered yesterday for week one of the One Four Challenge  to another stage of the editing …



I’ve cropped the original photograph here … then shadowed it a little more, “warmified” the photo adding the soft golden tones used to accent skin-tone -, used a HDR app and then softened the photo… I was looking for a brooding image, something that I could use for example in a poem about dawn or maybe about a storm coming on … then to complete the photo I added a drop shadow “frame”.

Here are the original and the first process:

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