Pixelventures Sunday Illustration – July 10, 2014

Pixelventures has come up with an original prompt … illustrate the story!  This weeks story was written by Oliana Kim from Traces of  The Soul.


The Hungry Dam

by Oliana Kim (Traces of the Soul)

Andréanne arrived at the family picnic a bit late. Caro, was tugging on her sleeve, “Je veux y aller, BON. Tu m’as promis!!”

She found a giant floater and grabbed it and dove into the river, placing Caro on the floater. An excited 7-year-old sang “Row row row your boat…” swinging her hips.

“Be careful, Caro, you might fall in.”

“But I want to go into the water like you, Maman.”she whined,pouting and crossing her arms which tipped the floater a bit too much to the right and SPLASH, in she went. Andréanne grabbed her by the straps of her bathing suit. Caro was not a strong enough swimmer in these waters. They swam back away from the dam, kicking, one arm on the floater, the other to row like an oar dodging the hungry dam.

Sipping my cappuccino, relieved my dream was finally erased.

© Whispering Insights, 2014/06/28


Ilustration for Pixelventures Illustration Prompt

Perpective for Pixelventures – June 17, 2014

This week Pixelventures is looking for a little depth!  Here are a few contributions:

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From Bolognano to Villafranca via the Brennero Highway and back … a day trip outside of my mountains to the flat Padano valley.  I always find that visiting the Padano valley makes me appreciate my mountains so very much when I return.  Though I had fun on my one day vacation, this time was no different from the rest.  As soon as I began to see the first signs of the mountains I sighed with contentment!

flat lands
no place to rest eyes
green Trentino calls

Looking Up! June 16, 2014

Yesterday I went to Villafranca (near Verona in Italy) for a comic fest.  Villafranca is now more famous for its airport than for anything else, but in fact the enter of there is a medieval fortification, Scaligero Castle, this is where the fest was held in the great grassy court yard.


Entering the Castle

Entering the Castle

We stood in line waiting to buy our tickets inside the dark high walled entrance …

Planes coming and going!

Planes coming and going!

The sun didn’t make much of an appearance … but I had fun anyway and tried to capture at least on of the planes that slowly came across the horizon for a landing.  I was surprised at how silent they were.  There were moments when the planes just seemed to hang in the air, as though they were posing.

Today I’m adding this to the ‘Travel with Intent‘ up and down prompts and to Bastet’s Pixelventures June 10, 2014.  Ciao for now!  Bastet!



Pixelventures – Macro!

For Pixelventures macro…I’m submitting two photos:

The first is a genista or broom plant:


heady perfume
your lovely yellow blooms
speak of summer

This second photo is nothing more than the common clover flower ,,, but I jazzed it up a little:


clover flowers
you made fantastic rice
for my doll’s dinner


Reflections – Pixelventures

This week’s Pixelventures is dedicated to Reflections prompted by of Jen’s  (from Blog it or Lose it) photo on the 18th of March ….which makes me feel authorized to participate this week!



Riva reflects

Riva sits in its winter’s nest
reflecting on spring yet to come
the harbor is quiet
the ducks rule the beaches
and I,
think of the flowers yet to bloom.

Have a great week folks but before you go…here are some other great photos inspired by Bastet’s Pixelventures … drop by and why not try your hand too!

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Spring Omens – for Pixelventures

I’ve decided to put up a photographic post for Pixelventures…I had a great day yesterday in Trento with all the sun-shine and warmth…in Piazza Fiera, which is the market square of Trento, I went with my friend to a flower stall!


baskets full of daffodils

bulbs ready to flower

and though

I know

rain will soon return

winter’s not yet over,

good omens of spring

fill the stall

with bright colors

and perfume!

Posted for Pixelventures!

Bastet’s Pixelventure: “Metal”

Bastet’s Pixelventures: September 24, 2013

Show me Autumn in your part of the world either through a photograph or through your writing imagery!



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Kyreille Sonnet


Now autumn’s colors are blooming,
Oranges and browns have me dreaming,
Of Chestnut cake and apple pie…
Sadness ’tis heart’s somber reply.

Farmers bring their crops to market!
For which we can write a sonnet.
The season colors as plants die…
Sadness ’tis heart’s somber reply.

My feelings, so ambivalent,
Tears of sorrow yet jubilant.
Yes,  so silly of me to cry…
Sadness ’tis heart’s somber reply.

Now autumn’s colors are blooming,
Sadness ’tis heart’s somber reply.

also: Cubby’s Challenge Kyrielle sonnet

Bastet’s Pixelventures Mature Grapes

For Bastet’s Pixelventures 27 August:  Earth Element.

Everyone’s noticed, we’re rapidly going towards autumn.  The change, that last month before officially opening a new season, in this case the 21st of September, for oriental philosophy was dedicated to the Earth.

Today I want to show you a little of our grape crop!

Now for a couple of photographs or snapshots or whatever in blazes you think they are!

original grapes

Here is a raw, that is it hasn’t been processed, photo of a vine yard.  As you can see, next to it there are some apples.  Now, for this photograph, I wanted a more intensive color and I didn’t want apples.  So I shadowed and “cooled” the colors then I cropped out the apples. I also like to “frame and sign” my end product. This is the result.


harvest soon begins
new “Merlot” wine to be made
summer turns to fall.

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This was another row of grapes, I cropped out the irrigation hoses and then converted the photo to black and white.

Have a nice day folks!