Bastet’s Pixelventures Mature Grapes

For Bastet’s Pixelventures 27 August:  Earth Element.

Everyone’s noticed, we’re rapidly going towards autumn.  The change, that last month before officially opening a new season, in this case the 21st of September, for oriental philosophy was dedicated to the Earth.

Today I want to show you a little of our grape crop!

Now for a couple of photographs or snapshots or whatever in blazes you think they are!

original grapes

Here is a raw, that is it hasn’t been processed, photo of a vine yard.  As you can see, next to it there are some apples.  Now, for this photograph, I wanted a more intensive color and I didn’t want apples.  So I shadowed and “cooled” the colors then I cropped out the apples. I also like to “frame and sign” my end product. This is the result.


harvest soon begins
new “Merlot” wine to be made
summer turns to fall.

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This was another row of grapes, I cropped out the irrigation hoses and then converted the photo to black and white.

Have a nice day folks!

Pixelventures and Free Verse: Shooting through glass

shooting through glass

Free Verse

Flash Through Glass

Wind, hail, rain!
How I love a gale
I pulled my camera out
and started shooting photos!
First from my covered loggia…
then I said
“There’s the back!”
And ran to shoot
my terrace
but through the glass
or I might have
gotten sodden!
I chose my setting carefully
but not carefully enough
I forgot to turn off
the flash
and this is what I got!
The more I looked
at the result
the more I loved
this photo…
for it has a wonderful
the oneiric look
at a storm through
my imagination.

A contribution for Pixelventures!

Pixelventures: Through

This week’s Pixelventures is shooting through something…so here I’ll show you some different thing to shoot through!  😉

Here are just a few examples for you:

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through fences or bricks
or shadowed by sunglasses
many ways to see
going through the day
we see the world through ideas
our filtered lenses

Have a great day and don’t forget your camera!

Pixelventures: Doors and Passages

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Doors and Passages

Hawkers sell their wares
as we walk along the road,
be this or that, forget your cares
and don’t be just a toad!

Bright illusions are for sale
all along our dreary path
conformity does there hale
to save us from our wrath!

Be a cyclist!
Be a star!
Be a climber!
Be an artist!

Then there are the open doors
With only some dark promise
could it be a place of whores
or maybe there’s a goddess!

Passages just passages
doors open upon illusions
each day a call from Lorelei
pulls people upto the rocks

and if…
for just a moment…
I contemplate unknown choices
passages not clearly mapped

dare I enter?

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Pixelventures and a Palindrome: Water


Reflecting on Aloneness in Water

…Water is life
i am alone
reflections in seclusion
illusions of company, illusions of aloneness
dreams in infinite, uniqueness, vastness that is life…
@)–>–>–   –>–>–(@
…life is that vastness, uniqueness, infinite in dreams
aloneness of illusions, company of illusions
seclusion in reflections
alone am i
Life is water…

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