Shadows and Light – Photographic Reflections – February 8, 2016

light and shadow

I was fascinated by the light play at the top of this tree observed in Rovereto last week and took several photographs. This was the first of the series and although the photos are almost exactly the same, this one is the best.  Why should this be – perhaps because it was the capture of the first vision?

light and shadows
nesting on the highest boughs
winter morn

© G.s.k. ‘16

Windows onto the World!

Windows are the eyes of a building onto the world…

All along the River Leno in Rovereto there are houses which have been restructured and modernized.  The interesting point of this building are it’s windows, which once were arched, then someone decided that rectangular windows would be more interesting…but then, during a modern refurburshment, it was decided to paint where those curved windows once were…even if off center to the present windows!


I particularly like these windows which we find all over Trentino, this one is in Rovereto near the center of town.Inside of the house, people often have a sort of couch build under the window and you can sit there having the sensation that your leaning over the street, which of course you are.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI adore the window bridges that one can find all over Italy.  Again this is in Rovereto, not far from the river Leno.  It’s a public building as often is the case nowdays, part of an old aristocratic estate.


There are lot of original shop front windows throughout Italy.  They’ve made an art of show casing their wares…but this is probably my favorite shop windows…it’s a hat shop near the center of Rovereto.  These “driades” were had carved by the Futurist artist Fortunato DePero, they are four statues in total.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI hope you enjoyed this walk through Rovereto.  Tomorrow, I have some windows that I shot the other afternoon in Riva del Garda but haven’t had time to process them.

This group of photos has been published for Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows.

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Tourist in my Town!

Canadian Travel Bugs has come up with a cool prompt…Tourist in my Town!  This month she’s looking for statues…and living in Italy, well, statues are everywhere, but not as lovely as in Shanghai..or is it just because I’m used to seeing the Italian variety…you tell me.  For more info on her prompt…follow the link and why not, be a tourist in your own town too!

These statues are found in Arco:

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The next two were taken in Riva del Garda:

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This strange little statue can be found in Rovereto:

strange sculpture

strange sculpture

I hope you’ve found these interesting…I’ve found that I really should go out and take a few more pictures of some of the other statures and scuptures that can be found around my town…I’ve seriously been neglecting them!

Ciao from Italy!  Bastet

Photography: Sunday Walk – Rovereto (TN) Italy

I thought I’d try to take you all with me on a virtual walk around some place I’ve been to and taken photos.  I hope to make this a Sunday event…

Today, as I’ve just published a Weekly Photo Challenge dedicated to a couple of interesting photo’s from Rovereto, I thought I’d take you on a walk we went to that city not long ago.  Unfortunately it was a rainy day but lately every day is a rainy day!

Our central goal was to visit the Fortunato Depero Futurist Art House and then just roam around a bit.  The Art House was DePero’s home;  he left it to the city of Rovereto to be used as a Futurist museum.  It is the only Futurist museum in Italy.   The city has recently restored the building creating a beautiful setting for his and other artist’s work.

When we arrived we found a parking spot near the Leno river:


I love these old apartment buildings that look over the river…the small structures that you see on the terraces used to be outhouses (some still were in use when I arrived in Italy 40 years ago), now they are used as storage closets.

apartment buildingsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe went directly to the Depero Futurist Art House…unfortunately it is prohibited to take pictures inside the building, but you can see some in the link anyway at least I took a shot at the roof from the entrance courtyard!

Museum EntranceWe were informed that we could see two sculptures that Depero had made for a hat shop! So off we went after visiting the exhibition, and found a lovely window as well (I love windows and bridges so couldn’t resist!)

Hat ShopWindowsThen we just moseyed along taking in the view:

ArchwayPiazzacovered sidewalkAt the end of this covered sidewalk we came upon the Fortress:

The FortressAnd turning left to return to our car…this lovely scene met us!

Public BuildingPublic Building detailImagine my delight…a covered bridge with windows!

Bridging BuildingsHave a wonderful Sunday! 😉

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sign Says – Trial 2 – Welcoming the Meter Readers!

This week’s Photo Challenge is dedicated to signs.

A little while back, with my son and husband I went to Rovereto (TN) Italy to visit the  Fortunato Depero museum and then we just  a walk around the city.  Rovereto is a very beautiful “Mitteleuropean” city, dedicated to art. The pictures below are little works of art that some people did to cover their utility meters!

This is a mirror that covers this family’s gas meter:Look in this mirror, how do you see yourself?

Look in this mirror, how do you see yourself?

This covers another family’s electric meter!light meter coverIf you would like to see more of Rovereto, I’ve just published a new photo post I’m dedicating to a Sunday Walk…this first edition is dedicated to Rovereto!

Have a lovely peacful Sunday!

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