A Month of Haiga – February 11, 2016


I went for a brief walk yesterday evening near the River Sarca in the gloaming.  The first street lamps had just been lit, in the sky the sliver of this month’s new moon could just barely be seen.  All around the valley our mountain tops are at last snow-covered after 5 days of cold precipitation (in Valley it rained) and everyone breathed a sigh of relief though this won’t be enough rainfall to save us from summer drought.  Still the air was clean and the sky clear.  Today’s theme then is:


Gloaming is that time of day when the sun has actually set, but there’s still some natural light – all around you everything is crepuscular and uncertain but this is a great time to shoot shadows and street lights etc without using your flash.  If you try in the darkness, there’s too much contrast so sometimes you get floating blobs of whiteness or just the light and no background. In the gloaming things are also more mysterious and when writing about this time of day you can insinuate the mystery of the passage  time … or life.  My photograph is purposely put out of focus (sometimes called softened),  then zoomed from the centre with an app to obtain an uncertain effect to fit my haiku … here’s the haiga:

Haiga 11

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The Sarca in Northern Italy  is born in the Adamello-Presanella mountains (Alto Adige) in the Italian Alps and flows through Trentino into Lake Garda , then continues its way as an emissary of the lake becoming the Mincio where it continues it’s voyage into Lombardy.

The river is shallow and fast flowing, passing through the Val di Genova, forming a number of waterfalls, of which Cascina Muta and Saft dei Can are the best known. Before reaching Val Rendena, part of its water is diverted to a hydroelectric  power station. Then its flow becomes less and less tumultuous. The main places on the river include Carisolo, Pinzolo, Tione di Trento, Le Sarche, Ponte Arche, Arco and Torboli.

A Month of Haiga – February 2, 2016

Today I thought I’d look at:

modern reality

The bike/walker’s path that goes from Arco to Torboli in the Trentino portion of Lake Garda passes along the river Sarca and goes through Arco’s Industrial Zone.  The photograph was taken near the end of this past summer and is of the Dana Holding Corporation‘s factory which is one of about 8 small plants (Riva del Garda is the home of the biggest factory in our area .. a paper mill).  Actually the factory is rather clean and doesn’t create ecological problems (that we’re aware of).  Arco does not have a lot of industry, in fact the economy is heavily based on tourism and the subsequent service sector of the economy.  The other area of the economy is agriculture almost exclusively at the family level.  Our ominous silence is actually the closing of the few factories we have due to the world economic crisis which has weighed heavily on Italy for the past 8 years.

February 2 Haiga

a long shadow
cast by the factory
ominous silence

© G.s.k. ‘16

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Here’s a little something about the town I live in:  Arco, Trentino – Italy

30 days of Haiga – September 18, 2014

This morning I was writing a post for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai‘s river prompt and was inspired to write a couple of haiga too … it’s a very inspirational post by the way and I’d highly recommend it!  So for today’s 30DOH … River Sarca … the river near my house, oh … here’s the link to my Blogger Post about the river.




from past to future
abandoned ancient lock
now – the river flows

(c) G.s.k. ’14


A Daily Photo: Lazy Duck Floating

Walking to the gallery…there was a duck lazily floating along the river just as though he were a log, he passed under the bridge bumping into rocks now and then passed near a lady duck and rolled on into the rapids, when he decided the game was over 😉 !

floating duck Have a great day!

Ciao, Bastet!

A Daily Photo: Gulls

Taking a daily walk gives me the opportunity to take photographs of the beautiful scenery around Arco, Italy.

Yesterday, crossing the bridge going from the center of town to the parking lot, where my mo-ped was, I saw these gulls sitting on the river taking in the sun:

gulls on the river

Have a nice day!  Ciao, Bastet!