Editing Practice … Oil Painting with an App – April 28, 2016

sailboat original


One warm morning a few last week I went for a morning walk along the shore in Riva del Garda.  The wind was perfect for sailing.  This is one of several photos I took of one such sailboat leaving the small boats dock.


I cropped the photo in order to get more detail of the sailboat.  I liked how the light played on the leaves so I did a little tweaking to accentuate the colours created by the morning light off the leaves.



I really thought that the photo wasn’t anything particularly exciting … so I decided to “oil paint” it.

Modern Sailboat

Here’s the last tweak I did of  the photo …   I wouldn’t call it art … but it was fun 🙂  Ciao, Bastet!

Bastet’s Monday Haiga Challenge – And a Little Italian History – April 26, 2016



I’m a day late with this challenge … here the weather is beautiful; the skies intensely clear, therefore the colours of the hills, mountains, fields and woods are particularly vibrant, in some cases they seem like they’ve been “apped” before I’ve even had a chance to do something with the photo editor!   So today’s challenge (based on the haiga I published yesterday on my main blog) is

vibrant spring colours

and here’s my haiga:



Finch Haiga


as morning dawns
enchanted light and colour
a finch calls his mate

© G.s.k. ‘16


Yes, today isn’t Monday, although to me it feels that way, so what happened?

Risultati immagini per Piazza LoretoPiazzale Loreto


Yesterday here in Italy we had a national holiday … it was Liberation Day or Resistance Day – but here it’s usually called just 25th of April.   It is the day when  Italians celebrate the end of Italian Civil War,  born upon the landing of the Allied Troops in Sicily in 1943 after the surrender of the then Prime Minister  Pietro Badoglio which officially ended  Mussolini’s Fascist regime (who’d been arrested but who escaped, joining the Nazi German forces heading for  Salò on Lake Garda signalling the occupation of Northern Italy by the Nazi-Fascists).

The date was chosen arbitrarily in 1946 … on that day (April 25 1945),  Mussolini was captured by resistance forces in the North – and shot three days later, then hung in Piazzale Loreto in Milan, where earlier 15 Partisans had been shot.  The rest of  Northern Italy capitulated after that in a domino effect.  It should be noted that the Italian Civil War was a very bloody event in Italian history which left many scars and divisions in the Italians as a Nation.  Even after 70 years there’s still an off-key eco.

April 25th officially became a permanent national holiday in 1949 – though for years  it was ignored and fell into obscurity and except for the placing of a wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soldiers by officials (or on the sight of a Nazi-Fascist retaliation etc) went by unmarked and uncelebrated.  President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi during his administration (1999-2006) did much to revived and redirect it (and June 2  or Constitution Day or The Day of the Republic)  stating that the holiday was important,  since it reminds all Italians of the constant need for renovation through the understanding of the origin of the  Italian Nation  as a Republic.


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One Month of Haiga – Haiga 29 – February 29, 2016


Today ends my birthday tour de force!  It has been a more difficult task than I’d imagined due to some external factors, but it’s had its rewards with the challenges.

Today I’ve chosen one of my favourite spots in Riva del Garda near the port and the ancient fortress that used to protect the town from invaders. The plaza is the home of several linden trees, it was also a favourite spot of my husband’s.  He called it the cathedral.

Today’s theme is:

a favourite spot

And here is today’s haiga:

Haiga 29

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Thanks to those of you who’ve actually come here to Through the Eye of Bastet to follow this month of haiga and to those of you who have linked up day after day keeping me company!  It’s been great to have you along for the ride!

Have a great day … and I hope I will be seeing you on future haiga adventures!  Ciao,  Georgia.


The Linden or Tiglio



One Month of Haiga – Haiga 25, February 25, 2016


There’s something particularly beautiful about swans.  If you’ve ever had much to do with swans,  you’ll know that they are not really friendly birds, especially in the breeding season.  I remember a scene where a Japanese tourist was trying to photograph a family of swans, the male hissed him soundly and when he refused to back off charged the man.  Swans are also a symbol of monogamy.  When a swan loses its mate, they often refuse to mate again with a substitute (though this is not always true, see the link below)  so a lone swan is a sad sight to see, except in the winter when the young are full-grown and off on their own.  At this point swans often take some alone time unlike what happens once the brooding urge comes upon them again.   I think this  is very sensible of the swans but most people don’t realize this and think sad thoughts of separation 😉 .

Today’s theme isn’t about swans though,  the swan info  and all the meanings we attach to the birds came to mind as I looked at the photo I’ve chosen for today.  However not everyone has a handy swan about so today’s theme is:


Your clouds might be the bright fluffy kind, that remind you of animals, or dark brooding kind like just before a storm.  There are oodles of things to do with clouds .. and of course they’re not assigned to just one season.  Here’s my haiga:


Haiga 25

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I’d like to apologize for not commenting and acknowledging your posts.  My Internet was spotty all day yesterday, I’m hoping that today things will be different!  I’d like to thank all you who have kept participating through thick and thin!

Have a great day and ciao!  Bastet



One Month of Haiga – February 15, 2016


Today I’ve decided to write my haiku in Italian …


Haiga 15

always further
every day that passes
autumn wind

© G.s.k. ‘16

There are moments that bring back memories … a smell, a sound the feeling of the wind on your face, going to a place where you once went with a loved one who is now gone.  Memories are a strange thing, they often don’t reflect the truth of what actually happened, sometimes we “tweak” them and make them more beautiful, sometimes we remember only the worst of an event.  Whatever the case may be … most of our experiences are founded in our memories.  This morning’s theme will be:


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Have a great day!  Ciao, Bastet