One Month of Haiga – Haiga 27 – February 27, 2016

Hello World!

I’m so sorry that I’m a bit late today but I’ve been having connection problems again …

Today has been  one of those dull rainy days that just sort of dampen your spirit – I’m sure we all know them.  On a proper grey day a photograph can come out with a certain sort of dark mysterious character that can be quite inspiring.  The pitter-patter of rain falling on the roof on other rainy days can be  kind of soothing, but a dull grey wet day without character just kind of seeps into you. So my theme today is:

a moody day

The photo I’m using  is of a small plot of land just out back of my house in Bolognano.  In Italy, in small villages like the one I live in are a mix between multi-storied old houses (the basement used to be where one kept their animals and still have a stone manger  – the top floor was where silk worms used to be raised and so was full of mulberry leaves and stems – The middle floors is where the family lived) and vineyards.  The photograph itself is partially blurred by raindrops that fell on the lens.


haiga 27

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Have a great evening and I hope to see you earlier tomorrow!  Bastet

Silk Worm Farming in Italy

A Month of Haiga – February 8, 2016

Hello … yesterday it rained, then it rained and in the end it rained some more.  I have to admit that since I was in lovely company the rain didn’t bother me particularly.  That is not usually the case though in winter.  Gloomy winter days have a tendency to invite gloomy thoughts, what’s you’re reaction?  Which brings us to today my theme for today:

rainy day

Haiga 8

the rain keeps falling
without end

© G.s.k. ‘16

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100 Steps: Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

It’s been very wet here lately and just having come out of the flu…and then getting a cold, I’ve more or less been blocked in the house…

Thanks to Cee’s Photo Challenge and my Nokia 202 telephone, I have a couple of photos to show you, from 100 steps around my house!

rain and snow You can’t really see it here, but it is snowing in this photo…the snow lasted perhaps about an hour, then it started raining again!

inside the houseI took this photo about 30 minutes into the snow…from a nice warm spot in the house!  You can see the roof in from of my house where the snow is collecting…

Thanks all for looking in!


I created this post for Cee’s fun Foto Challenge!

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A Sunday Walk in Photography: A Rainy Day

Today is Sunday…and it’s raining, again, not really a day to go out for a walk.  Here let me show you what the world looks like outside my loggia this morning:

looking down

looking down

Well you can’t tell much from this I guess, so let’s look a little further up!



Walking down  to the center of town, we come first to the church, across from it is a fountain, and finally if we keep walking, there’s the kindergarten…and the caffè, which no respectable town in Italy, no matter how small, is without (but we can’t see it here).  I guess, we’ll just turn around and go back to my house passing  near a vineyard at this point!

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Have a nice Sunday!