Playing in the Trash – Playing with Apps – February 21, 2016

Last evening I went for a walk as the sun was setting.  I got some really splendid photos but I also got quite a few duds  as my camera isn’t quite up to good evening and night shots.

This is one of the photos I took. It is actually the contents of s dumpster full of leaves, both inside and outside of plastic bags:





Not really much of a photograph, so I decided to find out what would happen when I tweaked it with Picasa.

Quirky dust bin

Quirky dust bin

Well … that certainly gave me a new perspective on the photo, but in reality though very colourful, it was more or less a blurry mass.  So I decided to play with PicMonkey.  They have some lovely effects.  The ones I played with were, “Posterize”, “Draw”, “Metal” and “Burst”:

Dust Bin Gone Crazy

Dust Bin Gone Crazy

Wow … who ever thought one could get so much out of a dumpster full of dead leaves! And what would happen if I added a little “Space”?

SpaceDust Bin Gone Crazy

Space Dust Bin Gone Crazy

Ciao, Bastet!


One Four Challenge – Wk 3 – December 15, 2014

Last week I wanted to create a night effect, but the results, at least from my point of view were not entirely satisfactory.  The original view of the river is very greenish and I wasn’t able to get rid of that green, in fact as one viewer stated correctly, the river looked a bit toxic (which I’m afraid it probably is.)  Another reader suggested working on the water with Lightroom, a program I’ve never used before, to work on that selected area.

I do have a copy of Photoshop on my computer from my son’s school days, so I tried to work on the selected area with that program. Unfortunately I missed a passage and the whole photograph came out like this:


I went back to Picasa 3 with the results … and started playing with the filters … softening, sharpening, then softening again then adding a second border and finally I decided to try sepia and see what came up:



An interesting effect but not what I wanted so, I sharpened again and then cropped the borders, tuned towards cool (blue) sharpened, hit Ortonish, softened, added some fill lights, re-tuned again towards cool and added some shadows and then I added a new border this is the result which I named  Charon’s Boat, this week’s process 3:

Charon's Boat

Wk 3


haunting vision
Charon rows along the Styx
– eternal night

G.s.k. ’14


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Phoneography Challenge

I came across this lovely challenge thanks to another blogger, as often happens!

This blog is called Lens and Pens by Sally. Here let me let her give you the instructions:

Here’s how the Phoneography Challenge works:

1. Each Monday a theme will be posted. You can publish your entry at any time, preferably on Monday or by Sunday of the week of the theme. Please add any information about the entry (apps, brand of phone…)… for the rest of the info and how to participate click the link!

Phoneography Badge, 2013

So I thought I’d have a try at this weeks challenge: Phoneography Challenge: Black and White

Lake Garda

Lake Garda

I usually use my Oympus to take photographs, but sometimes it’s just handier to pull our my cel phone, a Nokia 202, which is not the newest of the Nokia line, but it has the advantage of still having a proper key pad along with touch screen!

I elaborated this with Picasa 3 using the filtered black and white option after I had finished elaborating the color photo, which is this:

Lake Garda_colorI filtered the green to get a more uniform photo in black and white!

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