One Month of Haiga – February 20, 2016

Hello …

Many years ago, for Easter,  my eldest  son brought three roses to the ladies present for Easter dinner.  They were blue!  I really liked the blue rose very much and so it has become a part of my memory … in a bitter-sweet fashion since not long afterwards he and his wife separated.  So now a happy memory has a sad tinge to it, which brings me to today’s theme:

An evolving memory

I want to reflect on how a memory or an action evolves and becomes part of our “history” in a pleasant but or an unpleasant way, like my blue rose;   born in a sweet romantic gesture,  now blue roses will forever mean separation for me:


Haiga 20



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One Month of Haiga – February 15, 2016


Today I’ve decided to write my haiku in Italian …


Haiga 15

always further
every day that passes
autumn wind

© G.s.k. ‘16

There are moments that bring back memories … a smell, a sound the feeling of the wind on your face, going to a place where you once went with a loved one who is now gone.  Memories are a strange thing, they often don’t reflect the truth of what actually happened, sometimes we “tweak” them and make them more beautiful, sometimes we remember only the worst of an event.  Whatever the case may be … most of our experiences are founded in our memories.  This morning’s theme will be:


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Six Word Saturday – on Sunday – June 1, 2014

Hey! The next round’s on me!!


We were a little late for a ballgame out at Busch Stadium, so walking around just killing time before they opened the gates, we came on this great place, wonderful food and mega-screens everywhere.  Presumably, once the game began people watched the game from here.  We decided to have our lunch here and as usual, my sis decided to grab the bill…

Cee’s Photo Challenge: Flight

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This week Cee’s asking for flight.  Over the last three weeks as I went daily to Trento’s Santa Chiara Hospital, I had the opportunity to see a lot of mercy flights come in.

Trentino-Alto Adige being a mountainous region sometimes means it’s not easy to get an emergency case to the hospital in the conventional way.  Over the years, our region has decided to buy several helicopters to get to those people who need urgent care, whether because of an accident (and in the mountains there are not a few during the vacation season) or other “mundane” problems like a heart attack.  Oh, and it won’t cost you a fortune if you ever need this particular sort of assistance … it’s paid in full by the Region.

Go and have a look at Cee’s Photo Prompts…she’s got a lot on her plate ant lots of photographic tips as wall as prompts galore!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

For this week’s Photo Challenge, dedicated to inside, I’m going to interpret this as inside the past, but not only …

When you live in Italy, you live in the past a lot.  Old architecture from the Colosseum to a whole city like Venice…but even in small historically insignificant towns, which is the norm for Trentino, we have our relics.  From castles to … train stations.


The first project to add Riva del Garda to Rovereto was created in 1870, but it was only in 1889 that the Vienese government decided to give the ok for the building of 24.2 kilometers of railway.  The original 1889 plan created by engineer Rudolf Stummer Ritter von Traunfels was to include Arco, Dro and go all the way to Sarca, but was never completed.  Railway service between Riva del Garda and Mori opened for business on 28 January 1891. By that time Stummer had sold his project rights  to a banking project in Bolzano under the name of Lokalbahn Mori-Arco-Riva, the head of the bank was Sigismund Schwarz, who also participated and financed other similar projects throughout Trentino.

During the first World War, the tracks were damaged.  The railway in 1918 passed under the control of the Italian Railway company, since Trentino- Alto Adige was ceded to Italy by the Austrians at the end of the conflict.  An extension was projected to Rovereto in 1922.  In 1924 the extension was added and so, Riva del Garda was connected to the National railway route.  The municipality of Rovereto bought out the shares for the railway and in 1925 officially opened for service.  Unfortunately, the railway service never earned much money.  There was a project to pass from steam engines to electric engines, but the project never got off the ground.  In 1933, due to the growing car industry, a bus service was added to the train service and on the 21st of October, 1936 the station was closed…the tracks eventually being pulled up.

Inside the Station

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The station is open today for tourists … but there’s also a travel agency and a caffè restaurant open in the evenings.

Here’s what the station looks like from the back:

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