A Month of Haiga – February 5, 2016


Nature looks different at different times of day … in the late afternoon after the golden hour and nearing sunset,  the light dims rendering the world a world of shadows and forms, a moment I like to photograph so my theme today is:

late afternoon

Haiga 5

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Have a great day!  Bastet!

Six Word Saturday…one day late

The world’s gone to the d …ucks


Where I live near Lake Garda in Trentino-Alto Adige we have a population of ducks that never go south.  The micro-climate created by the lake makes our area an oasis in the alpine area.  We have olive groves, lemon trees, banana plants and ducks.

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Have a great weekend!  Georgia

Black and White a Fascination: September 23, 2013

Hello, here is the second installment of Black and White Fascination.  If you too would like to share your post with me, just put your Url in the comments, I’d love to see them!

Lake Garda Ducks

Today, I’m going to show you some ducks.  I love our Lake Garda ducks, they’re really happy creatures!  We think of ducks saying quack quack…but the Lake Garda ducks almost always sound like their belly-laughing!  We’ve got several species of ducks here, unfortunately, I don’t know their names, I just like to watch and photograph them.

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Have a great week!