One Month of Haiga – Haiga 26 – February 26, 2016


We’ve all seen it … the moon peeping through the clouds or boldly looking on the world during the day.  It’s popular belief that the moon is never seen when the sun is up, so we all make up lovely poems and fantasy stories about the this romantic impossibility.

One of my favourite films (with Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer) is “Ladyhawke“.  Here a cruel and somewhat corrupt Bishop of Aquila (his name means eagle and is also the name of a city in Italy) desires Lady Isabeau d’Anjou for his own but  realizing that she’s in love with the Captain of the Guards Navarre uses dark magic to transform them into a hawk (she during the day) and a wolf (he during the night)  so that even though always together, they are eternally apart … unless there is “a day without a night and a night without a day” or when the moon and the sun shine in the sky together.  Not even taking into consideration that actually the moon and sun do show up from time to time together,  the writer tells us that what will save them from their fate is appearing before the Bishop during a total eclipse.   Sigh … isn’t that so romantic!

However in our everyday life, no such magic exists and we don’t need a total eclipse for the moon and sun to be out together … so there she was in January peeping over Mount Baldo in Malcesine and I captured her in a few photographs  (though in my haiku I’m treating it as a late February moon 😉 ).  Today’s theme then is:

a daytime moon

And here is my haiga:

Haiga 26


afternoon visit
peeping behind veils
late winter moon

© G.s.k. ‘16

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Why Do We See the Moon in Daylight?

One Month of Haiga – Haiga 24 – February 24, 2016


Well, I’m finally back home and the first: “yep this is really home” greeting I got was the Internet being off-line!  But my slow old clunky Internet has finally returned.  I’m going to use yet another photo I snapped in Padua … this one was taken with the flash mechanism of my camera, quite unintentionally, but this caused an aspect to be pulled out that the other photos of the same scene failed to capture, the street directions.  Seeing them to the fore brought an idea to mind … today’s theme therefore is –


And here is the haiga that I created for the theme:

Haiga 24

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4 Lessons on How to Find the Right Direction in Life By Bob Miglani

Playing in the Trash – Playing with Apps – February 21, 2016

Last evening I went for a walk as the sun was setting.  I got some really splendid photos but I also got quite a few duds  as my camera isn’t quite up to good evening and night shots.

This is one of the photos I took. It is actually the contents of s dumpster full of leaves, both inside and outside of plastic bags:





Not really much of a photograph, so I decided to find out what would happen when I tweaked it with Picasa.

Quirky dust bin

Quirky dust bin

Well … that certainly gave me a new perspective on the photo, but in reality though very colourful, it was more or less a blurry mass.  So I decided to play with PicMonkey.  They have some lovely effects.  The ones I played with were, “Posterize”, “Draw”, “Metal” and “Burst”:

Dust Bin Gone Crazy

Dust Bin Gone Crazy

Wow … who ever thought one could get so much out of a dumpster full of dead leaves! And what would happen if I added a little “Space”?

SpaceDust Bin Gone Crazy

Space Dust Bin Gone Crazy

Ciao, Bastet!


One Month of Haiga – February 15, 2016


Today I’ve decided to write my haiku in Italian …


Haiga 15

always further
every day that passes
autumn wind

© G.s.k. ‘16

There are moments that bring back memories … a smell, a sound the feeling of the wind on your face, going to a place where you once went with a loved one who is now gone.  Memories are a strange thing, they often don’t reflect the truth of what actually happened, sometimes we “tweak” them and make them more beautiful, sometimes we remember only the worst of an event.  Whatever the case may be … most of our experiences are founded in our memories.  This morning’s theme will be:


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Shadows and Light – Photographic Reflections – February 8, 2016

light and shadow

I was fascinated by the light play at the top of this tree observed in Rovereto last week and took several photographs. This was the first of the series and although the photos are almost exactly the same, this one is the best.  Why should this be – perhaps because it was the capture of the first vision?

light and shadows
nesting on the highest boughs
winter morn

© G.s.k. ‘16

February Haiga Birthday Event! – January 31, 2016

Hello Folks!

I announced at the beginning January that I intended on celebrating my birthday by publishing a haiga a day inviting other’s who wish to do so to  celebrate with me by creating their own haiga and linking to my post.  Of course if you decide to participate, you needn’t feel obliged to post every day … that’s something I’m doing as a personal challenge.  I’ll probably be using my photographs for most of my haiga, but if someone paints or uses some other form of visual artwork and wished to use them as a base for a haiga, I think it would be lovely to see what you’ve done!

For the occasion I’ve created a badge!

Haiga Badge

Haiga Badge

I’ll be using the badge for the Mister Linky App.

I’ve thought about having a theme for each day … and I think that might be nice.  So the theme could work like a prompt.  I’ll be publishing my haiga here but with a link to Bastet and Sekhmet’s Library  which is my principal blog.  Until tomorrow then … I leave you with an intro haiga.

Intro Haiga for February


Ciao, Bastet!