Daily Photo – Poison Ivy! June 20, 2014

And here she is folks in all her glory after being certified as being qualified to be a Ghostbuster!  Ms Poison Ivy herself:

Poison Ivy (Villafranca (Italy) Comic Fest

Poison Ivy (Villafranca (Italy) Comic Fest

I thought I’d use the comic book app just to keep in theme!

Have a great Friday!!!  Bastet

Black and White

Today, I feel like black and white…

And then there are days
when everything seems black and white
no shades of grey
maybe just a dab of color
everything so clear
no shadows
no doubts

Juxtapostition: January 27, 2014

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is lovely:


as someone who writes haiku, this word is like saying you need water to make tea.  And yet, when I hear the word juxtaposition I scratch my head…what does it mean? The act of putting two things together in order to create contrast or comparison…click the here to take a hop over to the dictionary.

I took lots of photographs yesterday for this post…but then wasn’t feeling so well so didn’t process them…I’ll have to content myself and hopefully you all too with a few photographs taken a week ago…

Lost Cap

Lost Cap

In Trentino, it’s not uncommon to find lost objects “hung up” somewhere, a fence, a tree or in this case a parking lot post…

Student's house...

Student’s house…

My son and his room-mate put up this cardboard poster of Denzil Washington… I just love the helmet too!

Clothes in the rain

Clothes in the rain

We don’t have many of these (clothes lines) here in Italy.  Even in the country, after centuries of marauders and bandits, people tend not to hang their clothes in an open lawn.  The interesting thing though is not the clothes line per se, but the fact that it was raining.

Hope you liked todays offering…and that I can get my more recent photos processed…in the mean time, please have a look at some of these other great responses to this week’s challenge:

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