Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand (1)

This week’s photo challenge as written above is about “Grand” :

“Grand. We’ve hosted a “Big” photo challenge in the past, but for this week’s challenge, we want you to consider not just the size of something, but also that special element: the “wow factor” of a scene or subject that makes a picture so stunning. That magical quality you’re always out looking for and so excited to capture with your camera.”

I’ll just try to show you a bit of history through a photo.  Whether religious or whatever your religion the Catholic church for around a thousand or so years shepherded souls throughout Europe…expanding itself throughout the world in one way or another from 1200 until the present, even after the protestant schism.  You can’t go anywhere in Italy without at least a small chapel…even small towns and villages have their cathedrals of sorts.

So today I will show you Grand as in religion…here is the main church of Arco from the behind:

These photos were taken Sunday morning at 8:30.  The sun actually showed it’s face over the mountain about an hour and a half later…and I was already home warming my tootsies!

Tomorrow…I have something special…grand as in Cinema!

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