A Month of Haiga – February 8, 2016

Hello … yesterday it rained, then it rained and in the end it rained some more.  I have to admit that since I was in lovely company the rain didn’t bother me particularly.  That is not usually the case though in winter.  Gloomy winter days have a tendency to invite gloomy thoughts, what’s you’re reaction?  Which brings us to today my theme for today:

rainy day

Haiga 8

the rain keeps falling
without end

© G.s.k. ‘16

If you’d like to participate, but are inspired by something different – that’s fine by me – once you’ve completed your haiga just tag your post Bastet’s One Month of Haiga and link directly to this post, then link your haiga post in the Mr. Linky app hidden in my flowers below so others can easily find you:

Have a great day!  Bastet!