A Month of Haiga – February 7, 2016


One of the most suggestive moments in my life is the birth of the day.  I’m not referring to the sunrise exactly, but that odd moment between first light and its presence in the world …

the dawning

I’m not sure if everyone sees this moment the way I do, as a particularly mysterious moment.  I’ve heard it referred to as the breaking of dawn or breaking day.  This is the moment that seems to me where the day is at its potential glory … and spiritually one can imagine this as the feeling one might have before the full light of illumination is manifest!

In any case, the other morning I was up and about rather early a I had an appointment in Rovereto.  My friend had decided to come with me, so I passed by her house to pick her up.   I was a little early so I took out my trusty Olympus and took a few shots.  This is the one I chose for today:

February 7 Haiga

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Have a great day!  Bastet!

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The following is an article which I found interesting … it speaks about getting up at 5:30 in the morning to meditate 😉 : The Meaning of Zen Practice – Kannon Do – Zen Meditation Center 

(Btw,  just in case you’re wondering – I am not affiliated nor do I promote any religious structure,  Zen or otherwise.)


Morning Reflections – July 7, 2104

It rained during the night … and it was a gentle rain, because it didn’t wake me up.  I only knew that it had happened when I went out on my terrace and found the floor wet!  Here are two photographs of dawn this morning.  I would have said, because I’d read the word used in a story in reference to the first light of dawn, that the day was gloaming … but just to be sure, I looked it up.  Gloaming is dusk! Darn!

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Have a great day!  Bastet