Brindled Cat – Haiga – 13 September 2014

Today I thought I’d work a little with tempera … it’s sure has been a long time:

brindled cat

by the autumn fireside
brindled cat

(c) G.s.k. ’14


This is dry brush with black tempera on paper … I then photographed it (instead of scanning it as I usually would) so it’s slightly out of focus, then I added the words and “framed” it with Picasa 3.

I also took another photograph and turned it into a haiga … dedicated to my last cat, Maao.


autumn memories
Maao sleeps by the fireside
dreaming of sparrows

(c) G.s.k. ’14


I think though that if I decide to keep painting every once in a while, I use the scanner to digitalized them.  The quality is superior!

Thanks for visiting.  Bastet.

Playing with Sunday Stills! Modify My Pic

An original challenge this week from Sunday Stills!

He has given us a photo to play with…a great ferris wheel:


ThThe Original

After I played around with it, inverting the colors, lomishing it, shading it, I turned it upside down and colored the bottom orange and then I framed it…I might have done some other things besides, but I don’t remember … This is what happened to the photo:

Sunday Stills

A delightful way to pass a Sunday Evening!


Other participants can be found below:

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Photo Experiments…December 12th 2013

I like to fool around with photographs when I’ve a little spare time…and even when I don’t 😉 …here was an experiment that I did yesterday with a phoneograph.  It was getting dark, but I decided to give it the old college try.  What came out, after just adding a little high light and fill light was this photo that reminded me more of a drawing:

Ciclamino all'imbrunire

Ciclamino all’imbrunire

Have a great day…and lots of fun.  Here in Trentino, the children are geting ready for Santa Lucia…she rides on a donkey and distribute gifts…but for that part of the story, let me send you over to Bastet’s and Sekhmet’s Library!  Ciao!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie (1)

For this week’s Photo Challenge’s prompt I read:

a photo doesn’t have to be blatantly macabre to be eerie. But it can have a mysterious, otherworldly vibe — the viewer wonders what lurks in the shadows. Something eerie has a story to tell — one you aren’t quite sure you want to know.

So I’ll go through my archives and see what I can come up with!

Today for the first trial, I thought I’d show you two photographs that I’d taken for a former Weekly Photo Challenge…which were not acceptable for several reasons, first and formost because they came out a little…well, weird.  Continue reading

Daily Photo: October 24, 2013

A robin by the path, just an impression of a bird as he blends with the ground the photo is even a little blurred, what a shame, I did so want that photo to come out well!

Sometimes, it happens that what we might call a failure, because we have a certain expectation can in reality be an opportunity to go into something different.  For me the real meaning of ‘Carpe Diem’ is precisely this:  be ready to accept what life offers, here and now!




A Sunday Walk: October 20th 2013

This will not be one of our normal Sunday walks.  I’ve been doing some photo experimenting trying to figure out how to take moon shots and night shots with a “compact” digital camera.  I’ve got a Olympus f-46, and over these last few months I’ve been discovering more and more about its potential and qualities.  It isn’t an expensive professional reflex camera, and sometimes I have to process out defects, but I’m pretty sure that is because I’m not really expert at using the poor thing.  Anyway this has given me the opportunity to get some interesting off the wall photos, so who’s complaining!

The Moon over Arco

The Moon over Arco

This was taken with my Nokia 202 on Thursday evening from the parking lot near the library where I do my English conversation meeting.

Now for the experiments!

This was the actual first photo, before and after processing:

here is the second choice, here I’d changed the setting from a panorama without any adjustment to the aperture of the “diaphragm” to a “medium” opening, the unprocessed photo is in my opinion superior:

and here’s a third set…this time the opening was much wider, not at its maximum though…when I processed it I used the HDR app choice, interesting effect, after I toned it down a little:

Hope you enjoyed this brief walk through my night-time experiments.  I actually took a lot more photos which may come in handy for some future illustrations, in the meantime, I’ve learnt that with a tripod I can do night photos and playing with the settings augmenting the “aperture” and such can get some pretty bright photographs…sometime too bright!

Have a great Sunday!

Ciao, Bastet!