Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside (2)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

This week, share what you see on the inside.


Yesterday, I went to take some photographs of the “inside” of different objects.  These are two that I found the most interesting:

The first two photographs are of an old olive tree’s roots.   The opening looked like a strange cave into which Alice might have fallen, marking the beginning of her adventures.

inside the roots

This second photo is a close-up, unfortunately the light was a little too strong so the photo is far from perfect:

Inside the roots_ Close-up

I’ve added this third photograph of the same root , but getting level with the dandelion that the wind played havoc with:

Dandelion inside the root

These last two photographs are of a flower that was nearby, one taken normally, the other with the macro setting on:

inside the flower

Now macro:

inside the flower (macro)

Hope you enjoyed these photos!  Until the next time, and don’t forget to go HERE to find list of links, below the comments, to some other great photographic work.

Have a great Sunday!