A Month of Haiga – Haiga 13 – February 13, 2016


We had a lovely warm day, until about noon when everything turned kind of gloomy and dark.  It finally began to rain, but if you’ve been reading my posts you know that is a very good thing!

The photo I prepared today for my haiga was actually taken about a month ago.  I saw a plant in the sprouting stage and liked it so I did a macro.  I decided that it wasn’t really anything out of the ordinary and left it in my archives thinking to never look at it again, but this morning I decided to see if I could tweak it into something more interesting.  What do you think?  Today’s theme is:

late winter

which can also be early spring or pre-spring … it’s that moment when the cold recedes and life pokes out its nose to test the weather.  Sometimes, as in the case of fruit trees, that can be incautious, this is the time when suddenly a cold snap can wipe out all those hopeful blossoms in one hour!

HAiga 13

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Have a great day and ciao!  Georgia

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