Just Thursday…

Hello!  Today is Thursday and well, I just thought I’d show you some photographs from my loggia…there’s no prompt behind them, no special experiment…I’ve posted them because I liked the idea…hope you do too 😉

Have a great day!  Ciao Bastet!

Trifecta: Week 102 – Craft

The Monday Trifecta word prompt is craft, in its third definition as always:
CRAFT (noun):

3 : skill in deceiving to gain an end (used craft and guile to close the deal)

the word must be used exactly as is, no variations.



faculty building

Faculty Building

The Appointment

“Would it be witchcraft that you use today to get your way?”  Megan tauntingly asked Joseph as they walked through the early morning mist.

“No!  I don’t need to craft some silly charm in order to get past that lady’s attention.  There are so many other ways to get what I want without compromising my soul!”

“Like what?”

“Well, I could always try a little blackmail I guess.”

“Not very crafty,  in fact just plain dishonest!”

“Yeah, you’re right, and probably wouldn’t work anyway. Don’t have anything to work with.”

“Well you’ve always been able to find some means to get what you want, I dare say you will manage today too!”

They walked into the court-yard.  The mist had been lifting and it promised to be a bright sunny day.  Joseph walked up the stairs contemplating his dilemma.  He took a deep breath then opened a door.  There she was, the young secretary who held his fate in her hands.  Of course she didn’t realize her power, and he felt that was just as well.

“Good morning Miss Peabody.  Lovely morning after all!” he said cheerily oozing self-confidence.

“Oh, good morning professor.  How can I help you sir?”

Now was the time for him to come up with his bright idea.  Miss Peabody was like a Dobermann when it came to protecting the dean’s privacy.  He’d no appointment, so she wouldn’t let him in to see the big man. Unless…

“Yes, I need to have those notes for that special conference on United Nation resolution number 512 that will be held this afternoon by Dean Howard.”

“Special conference?  What special conference, the Dean didn’t mention it to me!”

“The Ambassador contacted him last night, maybe he hasn’t had time to mention it to you.  He is in his office right?” he asked as he headed for the dean’s door.

“Well, yes, he just got in 5 minutes ago…but” she’d hesitated a second too long.

“Well, you see then.  I’ll just pop in for a sec then!” as he alked through the dean’s door.

“Good morning Dean Howard!” he said, thinking to himself how a little craft peppered with buoyant self-confidence, always goes a long way.

Free Verse: Glitch

 Bastet and BooksFree Verse


I was in stiches
as I looked at the glitches
that cyberspace ran
as a laughable
start to my blogging day!

It’s just so much fun,when all’s said and done
to click back and forth
on your editing page
(amd you sit in a rage)
seeing the stupid message page
scratching your head
’cause you don’t understand!

Oh! how about the fun
of making a search…
to see what the words mean
when you’re in the lurch!
It’s just such a bother…
but then you might remember
that in fact you’re just an atom
in a billion celled monster.

The wonderous age
of modern technology
makes me forget
that things are still quite
from our shoddy computers,
to our half baked health care
these are just reminders
we’re just a few centuries
from the good old
dark ages,
when we were internet free!

(Oh by the way….
I’ve just discovered…that
I’m not able to put in a photo
as now the blasted
library is dead!
And if that weren’t enough
I can use my tags
so today I’ll just post
somewhere else!)

If you’re able to read this…at least it posted…but I’m going to post today at “Through the Eye of Bastest…come follow me there!  Well…Bastet and Sekhmet’s Library glitched again…so I’m publishing here today.  Pass the word!

Pixelventures: Through

This week’s Pixelventures is shooting through something…so here I’ll show you some different thing to shoot through!  😉

Here are just a few examples for you:

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through fences or bricks
or shadowed by sunglasses
many ways to see
going through the day
we see the world through ideas
our filtered lenses

Have a great day and don’t forget your camera!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

This week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is dedicated to “Fresh”:

Fresh. The definition for fresh has a bit of a fork in it – it’s a state (new, recent, previously unknown) and it’s a taste or sensation (cool, sweet, invigorating, refreshing). Fresh is definitely this cantaloupe (“melone”) granita I enjoyed recently here in Italy. It cooled me down immensely (and it didn’t hurt that it was delicious, too!)

Freshwater sprinkling grass

science-fiction pilot seats

how fresh can you get!

Other great photos can be found here!


Photography: Bastet Experiments – Africa

I wanted a photo that could express visually the feelings and atmosphere that I had lived in Africa about 30 years ago, brought back to life, last night as I watched an African music and dance concert at the Viva Mamanera! African Festival at Riva del Garda (TN).

I wrote a poem about the sensations I remembered from Africa.  Daytime African music from my experience is rather repetitive, almost monotonous. It  reflects the heat, the slow pace…often the music is sung with no more than a calabash turned upside down to give a bit of rhythm…the music is lamentive.  But in the cool of the evening the music becomes an experience that you have to live to understand…the music has a different life and meaning.

I think that the poem could probably have stood alone and didn’t need a photo to illustrate it, but I wanted one anyway.  The best photos I had were shot on my mobile phone, but none of them were presentable, so I said:  “Why not try to create the photo, am I or am I not an artist and a poet!”

This is the raw photo I chose after going through the batch:

This is the raw photo I chose to create my compostion...taken on my Nokia 202 phone.

This is the raw photo I chose to create my compostion…taken on my Nokia 202 phone.

There were the percussionists and the dancer…but the light had played some crazy tricks!  The lamp up in the corner, reminded me of the moon…so, I had to get rid of the people and the tent…all that background.  And I was using Picasa 3 not Photoshop… so, limited possibilities.  I won’t go through all the passages, the trials and the undos I went through…I’ll just say that it took me about 2 hours to reach this result.


I particularly like the results, because it reminds me of some of my past “sepia” drawings only better, more vibrant…the main characters are there, but they’re impressions, like spirits…so this photo is so me, it says g.s.k. !

Have a great day everybody!


Photography: Backgrounds…and a Haiku

palm fanyour brothers still hang

rustling there on a palm tree

you…pretty frond fan

Ok…not a great Haiku 😉 … but this is not about poetry but backgrounds for future Haiga or double exposure experiments … along my walk yesterday, I started looking for backgrounds…and here are some of them:

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They’re not elaborated…just the raw photos.  I like to experiment and wonder what will come out of this!  I also took a boat ride…but that is another story!

Bastet’s Progress and Photography

It’s not necessary that every day be bright and sunny…



It’s important to live that day!

So…this is a facsimile of my first posted “poem” with photo!  Not surprising it got 1 vote and that from my wonderful son…it was posted on the 26th of January.  Shivers run down my spine when I look at it, and that’s not from pleasure!  In fact I rendered it private and you now see it only because I would like to show you what I would do with the same material now!

 Polignano_2It’s not necessary

that every day

be bright and sunny…

to live that day


ah, to me this is important!

Ok…the poem still isn’t much but the photo is 100% better! Continue reading