One Four Challenge – February 16, 2015

This week … I’m still living off some work I got done a couple of weeks ago when my Internet connection was down … And from a painted rose I went in this direction:

Antiqued Rose

Week Three


antiqued rose
lost in time’s darkness
a memory

© G.s.k. 15


See you next week with the last photo and a poll!


This post was creating for the One Four Challenge hosted by Captivate Me!

One Four Photo Challenge – Wk 2 – February 9, 2015

Last week I had a major problem with my Internet connection and couldn’t post for a couple of days … then of course there was all the problems of trying to catch up with posts and comments.  The up side is that I worked on my One Four Editing and tried some new (for me) tricks to create this week’s (and next week’s) edit!

Here was where I started out .. I wanted to have more of the tree in my next edit and although the important photo is still the rose, so I re-cropped and use the HDR app from Picasa 3:

Trial Hdr Rose

At this point, what I wanted to do was add a little something in that washes out too white sky. So I took out my stylus and began to out-line where I wanted to put in the sky using Artweaver 5, which came with my stylus and drawing board:

Trial Hdr RoseClouds

As you can see, not really a perfect job with the clouds … so I went back to Picasa and did a little warming up to see what would happen:

Trial Hdr RoseCloudsSat

I’d warmed and saturated the photo but alas … the rose got rather washed out … so I went to Artweaver and painted in the missing parts of the rose!

Week Two

Week Two

And there’s this week’s finished product!

Here’s the gallery so far:



One Four Challenge – Feb Wk One – February 2, 2015

Week One

Week One


and still you blush prettily
wild summer rose

© ‘15

Good Morning and welcome to Week One of the One Four Challenge hosted by Robyn G. at  Captivate Me.

This week I took this photo of a rose, snapped on January 30th.


The first thing I did was to use a HDR filter to sharpen the photograph, the first attempt was too stark so I softened it a bit.  Then I cropped the photograph removing the withered rose and a lot of sky.  After that, with a touch up tool I removed the antenna in the background then used the focal b&w filter to bring out the rose and rendering the rest of the photo Black and White, as the sky is way too washed out.

I’m hoping to learn how to cut out that rose and part of the palm tree putting in some color into the sky in future … The photo was edited with Picasa 3 by Google.

One Four Challenge – Week Four – January 25, 2015


This week’s edit – a slight crop, a little antiquing, a little frost, a weave texture and then I signed and framed.

The past:


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One Four Challenge – Week 3 – January 19, 2015

Rustic snow with firmaFramed

under the snowflakes
palms and bamboo groan
winter is master
until the sun shines again
freeing the world of ice

© G.s.k. 15



This week with Picasa 3 I cropped the photo and then rendered it black and white trying to get a pencil drawing effect without polarizing the photograph (sharpening the lines was very useful here as well as shadowing … I tried the HDR but the effect didn’t come out as I thought it would it was too harsh) … I then went on-line and used an app for the edges to get an antique “rustic” effect and added a grunge frame from Pixlr at which point I returned to Picasa 3 and used the thin black border, drop shadow and Museum Matte frame  it. Most of the work on this photo was done on Picasa 3.

Created for One Four Challenge hosted by Captivate Me.