Pixelventures and Free Verse: Shooting through glass

shooting through glass

Free Verse

Flash Through Glass

Wind, hail, rain!
How I love a gale
I pulled my camera out
and started shooting photos!
First from my covered loggia…
then I said
“There’s the back!”
And ran to shoot
my terrace
but through the glass
or I might have
gotten sodden!
I chose my setting carefully
but not carefully enough
I forgot to turn off
the flash
and this is what I got!
The more I looked
at the result
the more I loved
this photo…
for it has a wonderful
the oneiric look
at a storm through
my imagination.

A contribution for Pixelventures!

Pixelventures: Through

Through the screen door

Through the screen door


Hailing first Light
saying good bye to the night
I took a photo through the screen
just to see what could be seen!

As I look here through the mesh
yes, I think it’s quite a mess
but clarity was not my purpose
next time I might try a curtain!

Written for Pixelventures!

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Pixelventures: Through

This week’s Pixelventures is shooting through something…so here I’ll show you some different thing to shoot through!  😉

Here are just a few examples for you:

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through fences or bricks
or shadowed by sunglasses
many ways to see
going through the day
we see the world through ideas
our filtered lenses

Have a great day and don’t forget your camera!

Pixelventures: Doors and Passages

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Doors and Passages

Hawkers sell their wares
as we walk along the road,
be this or that, forget your cares
and don’t be just a toad!

Bright illusions are for sale
all along our dreary path
conformity does there hale
to save us from our wrath!

Be a cyclist!
Be a star!
Be a climber!
Be an artist!

Then there are the open doors
With only some dark promise
could it be a place of whores
or maybe there’s a goddess!

Passages just passages
doors open upon illusions
each day a call from Lorelei
pulls people upto the rocks

and if…
for just a moment…
I contemplate unknown choices
passages not clearly mapped

dare I enter?

Bastet’s Pixelventures August 13, 2013

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Photography: Bubbles

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When we were venturing into the world of toys a week ago, at Bastet’s Pixelventures, someone, whom I can’t remember (I’ve tried to wade back into my memory…then on the comment archive…alas, oh sigh…) anyway a very brilliant person mentioned something about wanting to play with bubbles, but people would probably think it was inappropriate for a person of her age (I’m pretty sure this person was a lady).  So, I said…I think I’ll buy me some bubbles and have some fun.

One of my favorite toys as a child was “bubbles”!  We couldn’t go into a department store without me running to the toy department and buying yet another bottle of bubbles with the little plastic ring with a handle.  My mother finally got inventive, and just began to re-fill my bottles with dish-soap (Ivory, I think it was).  When the monster bubbles came out in the early 60s…ah Heaven touched the Earth!

So, dear brilliant person, this post is dedicated to you…please tell me who you are in the comments so I can link your blog!

Have a great day folks!

Pixelventures: Food


This morning, after buying bubbles and taking a bunch of photos…I was thinking…heaven’s I need some breakfast!

So, I went to another of my favorite caffès…Il Conte D’Arco…an older establishment, but with some lovely cornetti, and great people to talk to including the lovely lady who brought me my cappuccino and cornetto…which I immortalized for you here…just to give you some ideas!

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Created for Bastet’s Pixelventures!  Have a nice day!

Pixelventures – Food

Food in Italy!

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Going to the supermarket
just to take some photos
people looked at me
and then they shook their heads:
whatever could a tourist want
with mementos of a store?
If they had only known…
I’ve lived here for 20 years,
and these photos aren’t souvenirs
but another prompt for you!



Refrigerator shelf

Refrigerator shelf

Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit

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