One Month of Haiga – Haiga 24 – February 24, 2016


Well, I’m finally back home and the first: “yep this is really home” greeting I got was the Internet being off-line!  But my slow old clunky Internet has finally returned.  I’m going to use yet another photo I snapped in Padua … this one was taken with the flash mechanism of my camera, quite unintentionally, but this caused an aspect to be pulled out that the other photos of the same scene failed to capture, the street directions.  Seeing them to the fore brought an idea to mind … today’s theme therefore is –


And here is the haiga that I created for the theme:

Haiga 24

To participate with your completed haiga just tag your post Bastet’s One Month of Haiga and link directly to this post, then link your haiga post in the Mr. Linky app:

Have a great day.  Ciao Bastet!

4 Lessons on How to Find the Right Direction in Life By Bob Miglani


27 thoughts on “One Month of Haiga – Haiga 24 – February 24, 2016

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  2. Hi Georgia, hope you enjoyed your trip! Sorry about the Internet – we have similar problems with erratic service. I like the new theme but I’m not sure which way to go with it yet.

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