one month of Haiga – February 21, 2016


Here I am in Padua.  The trip was uneventful and I didn’t take any photos from the windows as I usually do. In fact I only pulled my camera out yesterday evening when we went for a walk in the country.  This morning I’m late posting because I was actually having a lot of fun doing some editing.  The photographs unfortunately from one point of view weren’t up to standard – the sunset and gloaming were fantastic, but alas, my trusty little Olympic is just too slow for certain types of photographs.  Thank heaven’s for photographic editing apps!

The photo I chose to “haiga” is the result of poor lighting but some fun effects.  The original background came out rather reddish and not very interesting … but there was a swirl of blurred light do to my moving the camera at the wrong time.  I didn’t see the effect until I got to working this morning as original photo  is very dark.

As I was working on it, I began to reflect on how little we actually see.  We’ve all heard how our fellow Earth dwellers have different perceptions .. some less spectacular than our own sight and others more intense.   Which brings me to my theme of today:

Light Perception

haiga 21


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Have a great Sunday, ciao!  Bastet

Vision: It all Starts with Light

12 thoughts on “one month of Haiga – February 21, 2016

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  3. yeah, I agree, the apps available now are way fun. i’ve said this at other times, and it continues to be true more and more for me

    We no longer “take” photographs, imo, we “create” them.

    and that is a lot of fun. fun on. aloha.

    • Exactly … which is probably why I came to photography later in life … I love the tweaking and editing … pulling out the things that interest me in a photograph,

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