One Month of Haiga – February 20, 2016

Hello …

Many years ago, for Easter,  my eldest  son brought three roses to the ladies present for Easter dinner.  They were blue!  I really liked the blue rose very much and so it has become a part of my memory … in a bitter-sweet fashion since not long afterwards he and his wife separated.  So now a happy memory has a sad tinge to it, which brings me to today’s theme:

An evolving memory

I want to reflect on how a memory or an action evolves and becomes part of our “history” in a pleasant but or an unpleasant way, like my blue rose;   born in a sweet romantic gesture,  now blue roses will forever mean separation for me:


Haiga 20



To participate with your completed haiga just tag your post Bastet’s One Month of Haiga and link directly to this post, then link your haiga post in the Mr. Linky app hidden in my flowers below so others can easily find you:

Have a great day!  Ciao, Bastet.

7 thoughts on “One Month of Haiga – February 20, 2016

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  3. you are so right about how a memory changes inside of us. at present the simple thought of this brings me to my grandson. and so many beautiful memories that well up inside of me. i know i can not linger on this for more than a few moments even now.

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