One Month of Haiga – February 19, 2016


I’ve survived my birthday celebration and am packing to go for a few days to Padua.  The days have been pretty gloomy here in Trentino, and though we do want to be correct and welcome the cold winter with open arms, I admit is was wonderful to feel the warm sun shine down on us yesterday.  Talking to friends the other night we calculated that we had approximately 8 days of actual winter weather in our valley.  Of course it has been known to snow in March (in May as well as far as that goes) but that’s  not a pleasant idea.   The air here is extremely dry and the skies sometimes have the oddest colours.  Which brings me to today’s theme:

Storm Warnings


There is a particular feel in the air when a storm is about to blow.  Maybe the colour of the sky is odd, maybe it’s too silent – sometimes it’s just something indefinable – a heavy brooding in the air.  Then the wind might pick up a little and the sky get darker:

haiga 19

red brooding
no bird song this morning
storm brewing

© G.s.k. ‘16

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Have a great day!  Ciao, Bastet.


12 thoughts on “One Month of Haiga – February 19, 2016

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  3. I searched for pictures that show the signs of a storm coming and found it rather difficult. Which is another reason to learn photography. This was good. Many signs in nature telling of approaching weather!

    • One of the reasons that I started taking photographs to tell the truth. Once I discovered then the wonderful world of tweaking I was lost … I still have my old Olympus bought in 2010 and am thinking of moving onto something a little more sophisticated .. sooner or later 😉

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  5. you pick great prompts. maybe i should invite a guest prompter next September, eh??

    altho end rhyming is not usually a good idea in haiku, interior rhyming is. i find that interesting.

    i like the sound, the way it comes out of the 1st and 3rd lines when spoken. and i like the sound of all three ending words of each line. sound in haiku is important as i see it. i like the sound combinations that are rumbling around in this haiku.


    • Could be fun in September … actually seems that sometimes in Japanese there is more rhyme than we think. I think the people who promoted English haiku were afraid that the rhyming would turn the haiku into nursery rhyme jingles … they had to find a way to maintain the particular personality of such a short poem in English – not an easy task I think.

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