One Month of Haiga – February 18, 2016

Hello World!!!

Does anyone remember why I decided to dedicate February as a month of haiga?  Because it’s the shortest month of the year? Nope – because it’s the month I was born?  Yes!!! And the day of February when I came into this plane of existence corresponds with today and the year was 1952.  So today I’m celebrating the luck of being a sunshiny Aquarius of 64!  My theme for today is:


The photograph I took the other day goes very well (after I tweaked it a bit) with the sensation of falling into life from a great distance that I wanted to convey.  In fact that’s a trick I did with an app that’s called “Focal Zoom” very handy to creatively blur the background of a photo like this:

Haiga 18

To participate with your completed haiga just tag your post Bastet’s One Month of Haiga and link directly to this post, then link your haiga post in the Mr. Linky app hidden in my flowers below so others can easily find you:

Have a great day!  Ciao, Bastet.

The Aquarius Woman

The Year of the Dragon

17 thoughts on “One Month of Haiga – February 18, 2016

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  3. an instant into the universe. . . .very cool and happy birthmoment.

    that “shortest month of the year” is why February was chosen as NaHaiWriMo—something about the shortest month for the shortest poetry form. . . . altho it now goes on all year long too.

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