A Month of Haiga – February 9, 2016

Hello Everyone!

Turns out that February is (and will be) a much more complicated month than I’d expected,  so I’m more or less reduced (blog-wise) to just publishing the haiga a day and the haiku for NaHaiWriMo and little more.  Fortunately my life tends to return to its normal slow pace, the stress dissipates like so much mist and I can enjoy my writing and photography as the relaxing constants of my life.   In the meanwhile, I’ve chosen as today’s theme:


Now, I think everyone has caught on to the fact that I’m not giving you a word prompt – though sunset for example could have been used as a word prompt.  My theme idea is just for orientation … so no season word or whatever just an idea that can be worked on.

Yesterday my son was up from Padua for the day and we went for a walk and then lunched, though the weather was uncertain, at Riva del Garda.  These grey skies create a wonderland of reflections on the lake and in the Rocca’s moat that just can’t be seen on a bright sunny day.  The life under the water can be seen adding texture to a photo in the most delightful way.  The photograph I used for today’s haiga are reflection of the Rocca in the moat that I rotated 180° so the Rocca can be better seen.  The algae in the water and the ripple of the water itself made me think of ghosts – rather banal association I guess 😉 :

Haiga 9

If you’d like to participate, but are inspired by something different – that’s fine by me – once you’ve completed your haiga just tag your post Bastet’s One Month of Haiga and link directly to this post, then link your haiga post in the Mr. Linky app hidden in my flowers below so others can easily find you:


Have a great day!  Bastet

The Rocca, a medieval fortress with quadrangular bastions, placed on the lake, bounded by a canal with drawbridge. It was the fortress of the noble family Scaligeri (1124), who became the Lords of Verona. It was rebuilt several times and it was used by the Austrians as barracks in the 18th century. It is frequently the seat of cultural activities, especially during the summer months.  It is now the home of the “Museo Civico”.

8 thoughts on “A Month of Haiga – February 9, 2016

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  3. you can delete this message after you read it if you’d like to. it is just to ask about the tripple P in “appparitions”. a ripple perhaps? or like me i often slip up when i’m thinking visual and trying to write words.

    • LOL! It was a slip up, which I hadn’t noticed … but I like your ripple explanation, so I think I won’t change it. Thanks for letting me know. I WILL correct the originals 😉

  4. i’m not sure if my URL will be correct. i changed my title because i blundered in which haiga i was using AND botched up the date. i reposted but the post URL remained the same. that is it remained the original botch up. ah, the ways of the internet. just like human beings i suppose. cool on your lunch and photo op. fun on. aloha.

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    • It might have been difficult. The photo I used today for the NaHiWriMo is much clearer for sure, but I was fascinated by the play of the algae in the reflections 😉

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