A Month of Haiga – February 4, 2016

Hello There!

I love sunsets .. winter sunsets can be so sublime, tropical sunsets spectacular and a sunset in the desert can be breathtaking.  So today I thought I’d make my theme:


When you live in a valley, one of the few things you have to more or less forget about are “real” sunrises and sunsets.  If in the plains the sun might rise at 6:00 in the morning in late winter and set at 5:00 in the evening, but in the valley maybe the sun doesn’t top the mountain until 10:00 and it disappears behind another at 3:30 in the afternoon.  Riva del Garda is right under a mountain and so the sun goes down early, but it’s only on the lake front that you can observe the sun setting later in the day – like the one I photographed below last winter:

February 4 Haiga

If you’d like to participate, but are inspired by something different – that’s fine by me – to participate with me this month  you can link your haiga post in this Mr. Linky app:

You may want to  tag as well (Bastet’s One Month of Haiga) and link directly to the post.

Have a great day!  Bastet!

Here’s an interesting blog dedicated to the… Physics of Sunsets you might find interesting.


27 thoughts on “A Month of Haiga – February 4, 2016

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  2. Such a beautiful photo and haiga – they made me sigh happily 🙂 By the way – if you go looking for my response to you Feb. 1 haiga challenge you will find the page has been deleted. I had linked the haiga and haibun to another site and it caused a lot of controversy . It has been very stressful. I apologised to the people at the other site for any offence my haibun caused them and deleted the post. I am now apologising to you for the link I posted on your site which will now longer work. It was all over a comment I made in my haibun about the nature of haibun and haiku writing – the people at the other site took offense at my comment and have been very vocal (if comments are vocal) in their opposition. With hindsight I realise I shouldn’t have posted the haibun at all and take full responsibility for creating the issue. I have written an apology and an explanation of my original haibun on my post – ‘Clearing the Air – hopefully’. Thank you.

    • Darn … sorry I missed that – I really would have liked to see what you’d written that could cause such a flap – but as I’ve often seen it isn’t so difficult to cause flaps when one deals with people who hold granitic ideas. Sorry you had a problem though – and sorrier still that you felt you had to censor yourself. Big hugs my dear and don’t let the conservatives get you down.

      • Hi Georgia – it’s all a big storm in a tea cup really – or more like a hurricane in a tea cup. It was all about the definition of haibun – I still go with the way Hamish Gunn taught me but others disagree – vehemently. I’m just doing some damage control then am going to get off line for at least 24 hours – Here’s the link where I apologize to the other group . Thanks for your lovely message – talk soon.

      • I’m totally displeased that such a thing should happen. I’ve not written on dVerse for over a year due to some of their member’s discourtesy. I don’t see why you shouldn’t follow the classical rules if you like, I sometimes follow them and sometimes don’t (in the sense that some of my stories are not personal experience). I think it’s a shame you’ll be getting off line for at least 24 hours due to this situation .. and from what little I know of dVerse, I’m sure you are probably owed an apology as well.

      • I didn’t quite last the 24 hours! Thanks for sharing your dVerse experience. That makes me feel better. I doubt I ‘ll get an apology but I’ve done all I can to remedy the situation. Hopefully they will leave me alone now. Thanks again for your support. The problem did come about because of something I wrote for Haibun Monday but I am sure my experience is not indicative of the general tone of responses to haibun written for those prompts. Many, many people have told me how happy they are at dVerse and how kind, creative and wonderful a lot of people in the group are . My experience came about because I of something I wrote – with hindsight I would have a more peaceful life if I hadn’t posted it. Live and learn. Please don’t let my experience influence you in any way.

      • There are a couple of elements that can be downright obnoxious if I remember correctly (and we’re not the only one to have the experience unfortunately) however as you say there are far more people who are positive and talented as well. I suppose it is what it is …

  3. ah. i see. i’ve been in the other blog. and now i think i’m on the right page to link up with you. cool. i’ll try to delete the first link which was in the Feb. 3 day slot. if i cant, please feel free to delete that one. thank you. aloha.

    • No problem even if it’s linked there. I link up on my main blog for the readers who are not aware that I have a photo blog … but I suppose it could cause some confusion …

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  6. Gosh I’m sorry Georgia – I got the Linky wrong again! Oh my – this week is crazy. I just made a haiga about the sunset and linked it to your February 4 prompt then realised you had already linked my Feb. 3 haiga here. Just as well February has an extra day this year – it will give me more chances to get this linking right 🙂

    • Opps … I put the link onto Mr. Linky that was pinged in the comments .. hope I didn’t cause any problems for you. I just read and commented your Feb. 4th haiga … starting afresh .. so I’m confused now!

  7. I was vociferous in my criticism at Dverse regarding Suzanne’s issue, which I support entirely and am withdrawing from them as well. The rules are draconian, if not downright puerile. I emailed my disagreement as well and remain unapologetic.

    • Wow … I’d forgotten to look at their rules actually and I’ve been chatting with Suzanne about the incident .. I’m really sorry such things can happen, but not surprised as I’ve had problems with some of the people in the past and had avoided the site for over a year, until the haibun came out. I’ll reflect about participating in future.

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