A Month of Haiga – February 1, 2016

Hello!  Today I begin my month-long personal challenge of creating and publishing a haiga a day.  The theme I’ve chosen for today is:



Water is a vast subject.  In Far Eastern cultures, water is the very element of life.  It’s colour is black or dark blue, it’s season is winter, it’s emotion is fear – in the five element acupuncture theory, water is born from metal and gives birth to wood – it is controlled by earth and controls fire.  Actually there are so many symbols and thoughts about the elements that whole libraries have been written.  So today I’m just going to look at the one aspect of water – its life-giving aspect.  Our planet is made up of 70% water – as indeed are most of the planets living organisms, which is a fact the Chinese likely knew when they were learning how to cure themselves back in the lost millennium of the history.  I’ve chosen to write about the element of life – but the subject is open to any aspect of water … or about anything that inspires your muse!

February 1 - Haiga Water


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Have a great day!  Bastet!


Interesting reading on water can be found here:

Five Element Acupuncture Theory and Clinical Applications

Water and Life on Earth

20 thoughts on “A Month of Haiga – February 1, 2016

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  2. Sorry I still can’t find the Mr. Linky. I have a headache. Maybe it will be clearer tomorrow. If not – apologies for not being able to follow prompts properly. I seem to have made a habit of it all day and rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way in the process.

    • Oh sorry .. it’s the little picture at the bottom of the post … I’ve captioned it … I think I should have made that clearer in the first place because it just looks like a normal image/badge. Hopefully today things will go better.

      • Teething problems I guess. Yesterday was a wild day in the blolosphere from my perspective. I agree. Lets hope today is better.

      • Sorry about that and I can really understand about madness .. I’ve been having connection problems all day and got nothing done .. so frustrating!

      • Another blogging friend had a crazy day on WordPress too – maybe it was something in the air – or the stars 🙂

      • or the water ;-D … but yes apart from the jokes could be anything from solar storms to being out of sink with the alignment of the stars – hopefully today is better.

      • I will try and get write a haiga today. It’s the 3rd over here so I’ll pick up your challenge there. 🙂

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