February Haiga Birthday Event! – January 31, 2016

Hello Folks!

I announced at the beginning January that I intended on celebrating my birthday by publishing a haiga a day inviting other’s who wish to do so to  celebrate with me by creating their own haiga and linking to my post.  Of course if you decide to participate, you needn’t feel obliged to post every day … that’s something I’m doing as a personal challenge.  I’ll probably be using my photographs for most of my haiga, but if someone paints or uses some other form of visual artwork and wished to use them as a base for a haiga, I think it would be lovely to see what you’ve done!

For the occasion I’ve created a badge!

Haiga Badge

Haiga Badge

I’ll be using the badge for the Mister Linky App.

I’ve thought about having a theme for each day … and I think that might be nice.  So the theme could work like a prompt.  I’ll be publishing my haiga here but with a link to Bastet and Sekhmet’s Library  which is my principal blog.  Until tomorrow then … I leave you with an intro haiga.

Intro Haiga for February


Ciao, Bastet!

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