B&W Photography- Tanka – April 7, 2015

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walking in the past
through the dark passageway
a bright garden
the island of Murano
hides unexpected secrets

© G.s.k. ‘15

Blur – The Daily Post

This photograph was taken at Murano (VE) in Italy – I first published it on Sunday as a Silent Sunday, but as the second photo is a deliciously blurred photo, creating an air of mystery I decided to add it to the Daily Post – Photo Challenge – dedicated to Paloma who had the idea.


10 thoughts on “B&W Photography- Tanka – April 7, 2015

    • Thanks for the suggestion … I haven’t seen my email yet and don’t know what’s going on … just reading CDHK to keep up there … the rest sigh … hope your Easter went well …

      • Thankfully it was uneventful — phew!
        And got a lot of cell phone shots that turned out well for cdhk posts. 🙂

      • And even if you had a newer camera – or one with more features – the cell phone is so much FASTER. I’ve missed so many shots while trying to figure out the settings. With photo editing you can do pretty well. BUT … I know “some people” (ahem) don’t approve of that, LOL!!!! 😉

      • Well .. some people be hanged … if I’m going to a composition … there’s time but for instant work, you might be right a good cell camera does the job very well!

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