One Four Challenge – A Rose – Febraury 23, 2015

Week Four

Week Four

a rose in winter
braving January cold
old garden blooms

© G.s.k. 15


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This post was created for One Four Photo Challenge hosted by Captivate Me!

For experimental purposes I “unflipped” the rose and was wondering what you think.

Unflipped Rose_4

47 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – A Rose – Febraury 23, 2015

  1. Ah the old fliperoony 🙂 Not sure why but for some reason this angle doesnt work for me so well as the original. Its a me thing!

  2. It’s interesting how our eyes work. We have been conditioned to go from left to right (generally and in your series too); we see the rose then move to the rest… In this edit I found myself searching for the rose… it wasn’t where I expected it, and it was also not standing out as much in all the amber tone. So I voted for your Week 2 interpretation. It has been a great progression.

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  4. Your experiments are wonderful — love the sepia — it really stands out — but the vintage advertising feel of the second one is STRIKING.

    I wasn’t as bothered by the left/right issue as others, but it’s good to read the comments for future reference. This week has a sort of “off-kilter” feel — so perhaps it’s not a “mistake” so much as a tool for future use? Perhaps useful if/when you want to create something with an eerie, unsettling feel — it would be an extra nudge in that direction. If that makes sense???? Just my two cents’ worth! 😉

    Really — of all your one/four series edits, this rose is my favorite.
    [Doffing my cap to you]

    • Thanks Jen … I found the feedback about the switch or the old flipperroo rather interesting … I think that there is something in the idea that having seen it in a certain way and expecting that direction one feels a bit lost … of course if I’d started the project with the flipped rose … the reaction probably wouldn’t have been the same … I really think that there’s something about being used to something that creates an uncomfortable feeling ….

  5. Georgia 😃 I love this edit, with its amber view… and I really like the ‘unflipped’ version. So interesting that the flip didn’t sit well with some, including me. A wonderful experiment!!

    • I think perhaps the composition balance might have gotten thrown off with the “flip” … as I saw no difference myself at first I thought it was a question of “familiarity”, but with a friend we looked at one of her photos and flipping it sent it a kilter. An interesting experiment indeed. Thanks for dropping by!

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