One Word Challenge- Beige – February 4, 2015


 under a walnut sky
outlined in black and white
old seedy tree

© G.s.k. ‘15

One Word Challenge


Jennifer from the One Word Challenge suggested that Strawberry Sky a photo put up by The BeeSpeak and I have to agree with her … have a look and come back to tell me what you think!  Bastet


19 thoughts on “One Word Challenge- Beige – February 4, 2015

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    • Thanks Jennifer … I’ll have a look at the link sounds interesting and I’m so happy you enjoyed the photo and haiku! Ah … I see we have a lot in common the Beespeak and I!

      • Well, I didn’t want to be offensive by calling it a Spaghetti Western — but — that’s exactly what I was thinking, LOL!

      • Ah .. the Italians are very proud of their Spaghetti Westerns no offence at all .. I guess it’s like calling an American a Yankee, besides you must admit that Sergio Leone’s movies were too cool


        But for what it’s worth, in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly — Tuco and Angel Eyes were SO MUCH MORE interesting than Blondie. (Clint.) Besides, it seems that ol Clint has gone off the deep end. YIkes.

        Glad it’s not offensive …. wasn’t sure how the term was seen over there….

      • I’d heard something about Eastwood, but haven’t deepened the subject .. hear about Bill Cosby too … oh my …No not offensive at all, except when it’s meant to be of course.

      • Cosby is such a let down. Twenty women altogether!

        And Eastwood directed that “American Sniper” movie and he’s not into criticism. And Michael Moore had the cojones to criticise the movie and glorification of snipers in general – which brought down the wrath of Clint – and this after Clint threatened to shoot the man ten years ago……!

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