One Four Challenge – Feb Wk One – February 2, 2015

Week One

Week One


and still you blush prettily
wild summer rose

© ‘15

Good Morning and welcome to Week One of the One Four Challenge hosted by Robyn G. at  Captivate Me.

This week I took this photo of a rose, snapped on January 30th.


The first thing I did was to use a HDR filter to sharpen the photograph, the first attempt was too stark so I softened it a bit.  Then I cropped the photograph removing the withered rose and a lot of sky.  After that, with a touch up tool I removed the antenna in the background then used the focal b&w filter to bring out the rose and rendering the rest of the photo Black and White, as the sky is way too washed out.

I’m hoping to learn how to cut out that rose and part of the palm tree putting in some color into the sky in future … The photo was edited with Picasa 3 by Google.

32 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Feb Wk One – February 2, 2015

  1. Hi Georgia – That rose cannot but stand out, being the only bit of colour now in the image! The removal of the antenna and crop is a good move and the desaturation of the hedge/surrounding greenery makes the image less cluttered. Looking forward to seeing where you takes this in the coming weeks.

    • Thanks for the great comment .. I agree that desaturation wast the best way to bring the rose out in the photo and I was so happy I could easily get rid of that awful antenna, with Picasa it isn’t always easy. I’m wondering myself where I’m going to go from here!

  2. Nice job, I realised on viewing this on my PC there was an antenna thingy you removed as well as the excellent crop. Having the rose as the single spot of colour works well here too.

    I wouldnt get too hung up about removing the tree, if you tilt your head a bit to the left and look at the image its actually framed up quite symmetrically with the rose framed in the middle in your current crop.

    • Thanks for the great comment. This rose promises to be an interesting learning experience. When I saw that antenna this morning looking at the photo I just groaned .. I was so happy that I was able to get rid of it with relative ease.

  3. I think the crop you did is marvelous and I don’t think I would remove the palm tree, if you are still thinking about that. It gives the image some texture with that blank sky and sits well where it is.
    The pop of color is really nice, great first edit!

  4. Georgia, this is a good one and I like that you’ve purposefully approached this first edition. The selective colour works so well.
    May I offer a suggestion for perhaps another edit??
    I love the tree on the right and all the fantastic detail. What if you left the tree in – cropped only the bottom with the palm leaf – pushed back the detail in the tree, so as not to take over and still make the rose, the focal point?? Phew, sounds like a lot. Lol.. Perhaps it is 😜 just ‘out loud’ thoughts. As I said, really like this 1st edition. Hope this comment isnt too over the top (pushy) 😜

    • Thanks … I haven’t been able to read this suggestion .. but it must have been in the air … I was forced off line (once again) due to problems with my server and have just gotten back on line. I’ve done two new edits (wk 2 and wk 3) with the tree in there … the second one is really cool … I like it very much and as I couldn’t blog, I spent time learning a little about magic wand etc. Thanks so much for the comment and I didn’t find it at all pushy, this is the sort of comment that really helps a beginner like myself!

      • Glad you used the time to do 2 more editions. Thats awesome! Looking forward to them.
        Sorry youre having internet hassles again – such a pain.
        Take care Georgia x

      • Thanks Robyn for your sympathy … it’s become a permanent problem … this one a little worse than most they actually sent a ticket to fix the line … still have a slow and choppy connection but at least it IS a connection … Ciao, Bastet

      • So Suzanne has been telling me .. I’m of the opinion that probably every one has the problem sooner or later … it’s when it becomes a two day black out that I go nutters.

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